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less than you weigh by far

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Q: What is normal weight for 5 months baby?
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What should be the normal weight of a 5 month old baby?

5 kg

Is it normal to feel pelvic stretching at 5 months?

Yes this is normal depending on the position the baby is in.

5 months old baby weighs 15.6 pounds?

that is normal and healthy.

What is the ideal weight of a 5 months old baby in kilograms?

aproximately 35.6 Kilograms

What does it mean when you lactate and your 5 months pregnant?

It means that your body is preparing for the baby; it's completely normal.

What is the weight of a baby calf at 4 months of gestation?

A fetus at 4 months of gestation is the size of a small cat--which is around 5 to 10 lb.

Is my weight loss affecting my period I weigh 105 but was 130 before i had my baby i am 5' 2 and my baby is 16 months old i breastfed for 13 months?

I forgot to add that I have yet to get my period back since before I had my baby

How big should you be at 5 months pregnant?

im 5 1/2 months and im not showing yet. it might just be that your carrying towards your back more and not your front, which causes the belly to pop out. as long as your doctor tells you that your gaining enough weight and that your baby is growing at a normal rate, dont worry.

Is it normal for a 5 month old baby to arch their back and extend their arms out?

AnswerIt is normal for your baby to arch their back and extend their arms out, these actions are closely related to the moro reflex. It can last up until the baby is 6 months old. So that is completely normal, no worries

Is a three day period normal you usually have a 5 day period but for last three months you have been having a three day period Is that normal as you plan to have baby?

yes a normal period can be 3-5 day or longer :) x

At how many months can you tell what sex your baby will be?

5 months.

At 5 months ahould your baby be kicking?

At 5 months, you should be able to feel your baby moving, however not neccessarily kicking