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What is ocean garbage?

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Any trash we have can end up in the ocean. Anything from toys to water bottles to plastic bags are out there floating around in the sea. Even cruise ships are aloud to dump their trash straight into the ocean as long as it is the size of a penny, or smaller. The trash is then eaten by an ocean animal, causes a blockage in that poor animals system, and then the animal dies. Another animal may eat the first one, ingesting the trash from the last one, die and so forth in a viscious circle.

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Where does the garbage go in the sewer?

The Ocean

Where is the great garbage patch at?

In the Pacific Ocean

What are some nonliving things in an ocean?


What percentage of your garbage enters the ocean?


Why you should not dump garbage into the ocean?

because it will pollute the ocean everybody knows that!

How many people throw garbage in the ocean?


What is Punishment for illegal ocean garbage dumping?


Where does Dubai garbage go?

i think it goes to the ocean

How does the garbage in the ocean effect your resources?

Nasty smells

What is ocean polution?

Ocean pollution is garbage or chemicals that are spilled into the ocean. Plastics and fertilizers are the most common forms of ocean pollution.

How much Canadian garbage is put into the ocean?

alot alot

What can kill fishes and pollute the ocean?

the waste, garbage and oil

How does currents create a garbage patch in the ocean?

eddy currents

Misuse of plastics?

how our ocean is getting trashedthey dispose of their trash and garbage in the ocean and they take our whales out by killing them

Is garbage in the ocean a cause of global warming?

Yes, because you are dumping harmful things for animals into the ocean.

Where does garbage go after it leaves the dump?

it is either dumped in the ocean, put into a garbage ship, or is pounded into the ground, filling big holes.

How many Great Pacific Garbage Patches are in the ocean?

3 patches

Is there a sort of floating garbage island in the ocean?

yes it is called trashopolis

Where does all the dump go in Qatar?

The garbage gets taken to a garbage ship and dumped into the ocean or Put into landfills to fill big holes

What are major problems that are affecting the Pacific Ocean?

The major problem that is affecting the pacific ocean are mainly pollution ps do not waste in are ocean it's not a garbage can! :(

Which type of ocean pollution is the most common?

The most common type of ocean pollution is garbage or sewage. They are readily dumped into the ocean by ships and countries located along the ocean.

Most common form of pollution?

Puting garbage in the sea/ocean/river.

Where can people dump garbage other than the ocean?

Sanitary land fills

How much garbage gets put in oceans?

Count how many garabage you have in your garabage can and times it to 8,000,000,000 thats how many garbage thrown into the ocean everyday!

What can people do to stop garbage dumping into the ocean?

To stop ocean dumping people can go on strike, send letters to the government, go on marches, and well do whatever they can the most important thing to do is make sure that you do not litter because even if you are not by the ocean about 25 percent of the oceans garbage is debris.

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