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What is off peak?

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If you're using it in reference to electrical service it generally means non-business hours. Off-peak electric service for instance is electric service that is at a much lower rate, however the electric company shuts off the service for a certain period of time each day, usually during the highest demand.

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When are off peak hours for internet?

Off Peak- 11PM-6:30AM Peak: 6:30AM-11PM BT Peak/Off Peak Off Peak- 2AM-8:30AM Peak- 8:30AM-2AM Virgin Rates Off Peak- 11PM-7AM Peak-7AM-11PM

What is the difference between Peak and off peak?

peak is when the demand of electric power is very high, and off peak is when the demand is low

What is the word to describe the opposite of peak?


What is the off peak time for your gas bill?

The gas peak times are 7am-11pm off peak for gas is classed as 11pm-7am

What does off peak mean in a swimming pool?

Off peak would probably be referred to the time that the pool was used the least - - - fall to spring or the winter months would be off peak.

When the off peak meter is on the off mode is there still power to it?

That will depend on your utility. Some off peak meters are on time switches and do not work at all during the day while other utilities just charge you more during peak times than they do during off-peak times.

What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

What do off peek mean in travel?

It's off peAk. Means not at the peak of the season when there are the most tourists. Off peak, on a daily basis, is when most traffic has completed its journey to and from work. At this time, traffic on the road is less congested.

What time is lipa off peak?


What is the peak rate of a phone company is 22 per minute and the off-peak rate is 11 per minute Find the savings for a 16 minute phone call if it was made during off-peak time as opposed to peak Tim?

$ 1.76

Off-peak hours in Austin tx?

That probably is decided by the carrier.

Why is Pike's Peak important?

To get rich off of gold!:)

Factors affecting cross elasticity of demand? of necessity 2.peak and off-peak demand

What are the off peak hours for World of Warcraft?

depending on what realm and what the population is comes into play as far as off peak times. i personally play on a high popualtion realm hyjal and the off peak times i notice is 3am to 7 or 8 am server mostly so hope this helps

What is off peak tickets on London underground?

They are tickes purchased during the off-peak tourist season and also tickets purchased after 9:30 a.m. rush hour.

How is ripple measured?

Usually with an oscilloscope which shows a graph of the voltage, and then the peak-to-peak ripple voltage can be read off the screen.

What is the EZ-pass toll for George Washington bridge?

$10.50 for off-peak hours and $12.50 for peak hours

When is off peak season in New Zealand?

it is from June to July

When is the cheapest time to fly to San Jose?

There are peak seasons and off peak seasons for everything including flying. If you want to travel to San Jose, Costa Rica you will want to travel during the country's off peak season which runs from November to May.

When are off peak hours for electricity?

It varies much on your location and the period of the year, due to the type of devices consuming electricity; for example in the UAE and in India there are no off-peak hours for electricity. In the Canadian province of Ontario, off-peak hours range from 22:00 to 7:00, all days of the year.

How is a peak formed?

A Peak Is Formed When; A Giant Piece Of Rock Or Mountain Breaks Off During A Strong Wind Or Shift Of The Earth.

What is the take off velocity equation?

peak height = (take off velocity^2)/(2*gravity)

What are the peak and off peak times for mobile phones?

It depends on your carrier. Some start nights at 9 PM, others at 7 PM.

What are off peak hours for wifi?

what you're reading probably says wifi/off peak which means nights and weekends when cellular data is cheaper or free or on wifi because the download is bigger in size.

A peak in Colorado?

Pikes Peak.La Plata Peak.Blanca Peak.Uncompahgre Peak.Crestone Peak.Castle Peak.Gray's Peak.Torreys Peak.Quandary Peak.Longs Peak.Maroon Peak.North Maroon Peak.Tabeguache Peak.Capitol Peak.Windom Peak.Humboldt Peak.Sunlight Peak.Handies Peak.Culebra Peak.Little Bear Peak.Redcloud Peak.Pyramid Peak.Willson Peak.San Luis Peak.Wetterhorn Peak.Huron Peak.Sunshine Peak.