What is old dead small star?

Updated: 6/30/2023
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Technically a dead star is when a star no longer undergoes nuclear fusion.

Depending on the mass of the original star this will either be a white dwarf, neutron star or black hole. These are called stellar remnants.

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Q: What is old dead small star?
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What is a small dim star that is the leftover center of an old star?

a white dwarf

When was a star is dead?

When it turns into a black dwarf neutron star or black hole.

What is a small star that only gives of faint light and are cool?

That can either be an old white dwarf, a red dwarf. or a brown dwarf.

What source causes a black hole in space?

A dead star. The dead star's smashed atoms come together, and are crushed again. This births a black hole

Is a subgiant a young or old star?

Both. A subgiant can be a young star (1,000 years old) to an old star (10 billion years old). See related question.

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What is the small dead star?

black dwarf

What is a small dim star that is the leftover center of an old star?

a white dwarf

What does a small star become when it becomes old?


What is A small hot dim star that is the left over center of an old star?

white dwarf

What is the relationship between a giant and a white dwarf?

A red giant is old to middle aged star and a white dwarf is dead star so the relationship is they are both are dead and alive.

What is another name for a small old cool star?

white dwarf

Pulsars are a form of?

A pulsar is a dead star, after it has imploded on itself it leaves behind a small planet if that is what you want to call it. so a pulsar is a form of star.

What are red dwarfs and how long do they live?

A red dwarf is a small old star :)

What star is very hot but gives off little light?

Answer: A shooting star Answer: One with a small surface, such as a white dwarf or a neutron star. These are "dead stars", in the sense that energy production has stopped.

How old is frank west?

As people want to know the dead rising super star Frank West is 48 years old and 6'1.

Is our sun a black dwarf?

No. The sun is a main sequence star. A black dwarf is the remnant of a dead star that has cooled. The universe is not old enough for this to have happened yet.

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