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Q: What is ominous about Simons prediction?
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What part of speech is ominous?

Ominous is an adjective.

What is a sentence with the word ominous in it?

A low, ominous growl came from the dog. Look at those ominous clouds!

How do you spell ominous?

That is the correct spelling of "ominous" (foreboding).

What is diggy Simons name?

Damian simons

Who is Keaton Simons father?

James Simons

What is the birth name of Sylvana Simons?

Sylvana Simons's birth name is Silvana Hildegard Simons.

What is the birth name of Frank Simons?

Frank Simons's birth name is Simons, Frank Joseph.

What is the birth name of Rita Simons?

Rita Simons's birth name is Rita Joanne Simons.

What is an ominous dream?

The word "ominous" comes from the word "omen". An ominous dream is one which contains signs of what is going to happen in the future.

Can you say somethin is ominous?

Example sentence - The dark clouds are ominous.

What is the birth name of Heintje Simons?

Heintje Simons's birth name is Simons, Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor.

What is Gene Simons real name?

Gene Simons!