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When poorer countries need to get water, they use distillation. This is basically purifying water, using large amounts of electricity and money.

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Q: What is one disadvantage of using distillation as a means of desalination?
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What is one disadvantage of using distillation as a mean of desalination?

When poorer countries need to get water, they use distillation. This is basically purifying water, using large amounts of electricity and money.

How is science and technology utilized in desalination?

Desalination is the process of removing salt from sea water in order to make drinking water. The method of doing this typically uses reverse osmosis. Distillation is sometimes employed, usually using vacuum distillation.

What are the advantages is using desalination?

The advantages of desalination is that you are not going to run out of water if you are using a water source like the ocean.

When did desalination begin?

Desalination, the removal of salts from sea water using primitive methods of distillation, has taken place over thousands of years. There are biblical references as well as historical accounts from ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Greek writings, mentioning the purification of brackish water. 17th Century Japanese sailors used earthenware pots to boil seawater, and bamboo tubes to collect condensed fresh water from the steam. A technical report on desalination was presented by Thomas Jefferson, then US Secretary of State, in 1791 to describe the results of a simple distillation process.

What is osmosis with reference of desalination?

The process of osmosis is reversed using high pressure to perform desalination.

Why can crude oil be separated using fractional distillation?

The chemical constituents of crude oil all have different boiling points, which allows them to be separated by means of fractional distillation.

What is a sentence using the word distillation?

Alcoholic beverages are made stronger through the process of distillation. Distillation is not to be confused with condensation.

What is the best fractionating column for ethanol distillation using lab glass?

distillation column

What are the cons of thermal desalination?

Advantages· Distillation offers significant savings in operational and maintenance costs compared with other desalination technologies. · In most cases, distillation does not require the addition of chemicals or water softening agents to pretreat feedwater.· Low temperature distillation plants are energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.· Many plants are fully automated and require a limited number of personnel to operate.· Distillation has minimal environmental impacts, although brine disposal must be considered in the plant design.· The technology produces high-quality water, in some cases having less than 10 mg/1 of total dissolved solids.· Distillation can be combined with other processes, such as using heat energy from an electric-power generation plant.Disadvantages· Some distillation processes are energy-intensive, particularly the large-capacity plants. «Disposal of the brine is a problem in many regions. · The distillation process, particularly MSF distillation, is very costly.· Distillation requires a high level of technical knowledge to design and operate.· The technology requires the use of chemical products, such as acids, that need special handling.

How can a solvent and a solute be separted?

by using distillation

How do you separate alcool from water?

By using distillation.

What is a sentence using the words condensation distillation and evaporation?

During distillation, the condensation soon turned to evaporation.