What is one example of biomass?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is one example of biomass?
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What are some non examples of biomass?

A NON-example would be anything that isn't biomass ... grammar, for example.

A sentence for biomass?

Nowadays biomass is being reused to form fuel. This is an example using the word biomass.

What is a Non examples of biomass?

All non-organic is non-biomass and thus the "not the example of biomass". For example, your tennis racket made of graphite and not the biomass, your wall is concretes and not the biomass and your glass windows is definitely made of glass and not the biomass (not taking account of the wood frame though).

Is cowdung an example of biomass?


What is an example of biomass - fuel gas oil wood or coal?

Wood could be biomass if it is sustainably grown. Old growth forests are not biomass.

How does biomass energy form can be used in your home?

Wood burning in a fireplace would be an example of energy from a biomass.

Chemical energy is an example of what?

biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and propane

Can biomass be used for transportation?

Depends on you engine design - for example ... the early steam engines burned wood - which is defiantly biomass.

What counties use biomass energy?

no one uses biomass energy

Facts about bio mass energy?

The biomass from one lower level will support approximately 10% of the biomass of the next higher trophic level. Example: 100 kg (biomass) of a producer (plant) will be required to support approximately 10 kg of the primary (first-level) consumers.

Where is biomass energy used now?

Biomass energy is widely used. One state that uses biomass is Oregon.

Using corn for energy is an example of?

Using corn for energy is an example of biomass.