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1 and 1/2 hours after 4 am is 5:30 am.

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It is 4:30 am.

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Q: What is one half hour after 4 o clock the morning?
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How do you write ten to one in the morning in 12 hour clock?


What is one half hour after 4 in the morning?

4: 30am

One half hour after 400 in the morning?


What is one half a hour after 400 in the morning?

It is 4:30 am

What is one half hour after 400 in the morning?

4:30 am

How many times does the hour hand go round the clock in one week?

Every day the hour had travels once round the clock in the morning and one round the clock in the afternoon, so it travels twice round the clock in 1 day. There are 7 days in a week, thus the hour hand travels 7 x 2 = 14 times round the clock in a week.

From half past eight to twenty to ten in the morning?

one hour and ten minuts

How much time do Americans spend eating in a day?

Americans spend approximately half an hour in the morning for breakfast, one hour for lunch an one hour in the night for dinner.

How many times the pendulum of the clock moves in 30 minutes?

That depends on the period of the clock's pendulum. If we assume it's one second, then it does 1800 cycles in half an hour.

How do you solve the magnitude of the angle formed by the two hands of a clock when the time is 6.30?

15 degree Solution: A clock is of 360 degree, and it contains 12 hours. If we divide 360 by 12, we will get 30 degrees for one hour If time is 6:30 means half of one hour, so for this 15 degrees per half hour.. Cheers :) DouS

How do you change from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock on Audi?

You Might Have To Buy A New One.

One night when the electricity went out a girl's clock stopped at 739pm.When she woke up the next morning her clock read 634am. But it was really 811am. For how long was the electricity off?

1 hour and 37 minutes.