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A kilometre is still a kilometre, no matter where you measure it. However, in the US, miles are often used for measuring distances. A kilometre is equal to approximately 0.62 miles.

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Q: What is one kilometer equal to in the US?
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How long is 1 killometer?

One kilometer is equal to 0.621371 miles. One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters and also equal to 39370.1 inches.

One kilometer is equal to how many meters?

1000 meters in one kilometer.

How many centimeters equal a kilometer?

100,000 equals one kilometer

How many meters is kilometer?

One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.

What do one thousand meters equal?

One thousand meters equal one kilometer .

One thousand meters is equal to one?


How many decameters equal one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 10,000 decimeters

How many feet equal to one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 3,280.8399 feet.

How many inches is equal to one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 39,370 inches

1000 meter is equal to kilometer?

yes, one kilometer = 1000 meter

How may centimeters equal one kilometer?

1 kilometer=100,000 centimeters

How many millimeters equal one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 1,000,000 millimeters

Is a yard or kilometer bigger?

A kilometer is much bigger. It takes 1,093.6 yards to equal one kilometer.

1000 meters is equal to one what.?


How meters equal one kilometer?


How long is a kilometer in meters?

1,000 meters is equal to 1 kilometerKilo means thousand. One thousand meters in one kilometer.

How many linear meters equal one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 1000 meters

How many austronomical units equal one kilometer?

0.000000006685 = 1 kilometer (rounded)

What is one million millimeters equal to in kilometers?

One kilometer

Is 950 meters greater than equal to or less than one kilometer?

Less than, because it takes 1,000 meters to equal one kilometer

How many feet are in one kilometer?

1 kilometer = 3,280.84 feetOne foot is equal to 0.0003048 kilometres. Therefore, one kilometre is equal to 1 / 0.0003048 = 3280.8399 feet.One kilometer equals 3280.83989501 feet. Kilo is the Greek root meaning thousand. One kilometer measured is 1000 meters which is equal to 3,281 feet. One kilometer is also equal to 0.62 miles.One km is about 3,281 feet.By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that1 km =3280.8399 ft

How many inches is need to make one kilometer?

Many inches are needed to equal one kilometer; about 39,370.

One meter is equal to how many kilometer?

a meter a thousand times shorter than a kilometer or, there are 1000 metres in a kilometer

How many mph equal one kilometer per hour?

1 kilometer is 0.62137119 of a mile.

One thousand meters equal one?

1,000meters = 1 kilometer