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One location on a spreadsheet is called a "cell".

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2010-01-19 14:06:01
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Q: What is one location on a spreadsheet?
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What defines a cell location in a spreadsheet?

In a spreadsheet, the cell is the single box that you can place data into.

What is the formal definition of cell address?

A cell address in a spreadsheet, such as Excel, identifies the location of the cell in the spreadsheet.

What do you reserve for a spreadsheet title in Excel?

You can give your spreadsheet any title you like. There is nothing in a spreadsheet that is exclusive to a title. Usually, people like to reserve the first row for the location to place a spreadsheet title.

What does cell reference mean in a spreadsheet?

It identifies the location on the spreadsheet. Usually referred to by the intersection of the column and row, like B3.

What is the difference between Excel and Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet can be a paper-based document. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet. A spreadsheet can refer to any electronic spreadsheet program. Excel is just one of the electronic spreadsheet programs that are available and it is the most popular one.

What is the place in the spreadsheet called where the cursor is positioned?

Active Cell or Insert Location

How do you access a spreadsheet?

One method is to open the spreadsheet with MS Excel.

Why is Excel referred to as a spreadsheet program?

It is one of the many spreadsheet applications that have computerised the paper-based spreadsheet, so Excel is therefore a spreadsheet program.

What is an example of a cell refernce?

a cell reference identifies the location a cell or group of cells in the spreadsheet

What is Microsoft's spreadsheet software?

Excel is their main one, but there is also a spreadsheet in Microsoft Works.

Difference between spreadsheet and worksheet?

Spreadsheet and worksheet both are different. Spreadsheet is a file which contains multiple worksheets. A single worksheet has information's. Or we can say that a spreadsheet have one or more worksheet.

What is the most important feature of a spreadsheet?

it is one of the most important features af an electronic spreadsheet

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