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Establishing rules for global trade

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Enforcing economic agreements between countries.

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Offering aid to developing countries.

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What are the two major subfields of International Relations?

International security and international economy

What is global enterprices?

The global enterprises refer to the business establishments that have major international activities.

What are two international organizations where US plays a major role?

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

What is the following is a major trend in the global economy?

Increasing interdependence among the world's economies

What is the importance of global marketing in Philippines?

The importance of global marketing in Philippines is that it has helped in expanding the marketing across the borders. This is a major boost to the Philippines' economy.

What are the major sectors that make up the US economy?

international household business government

What are international organizations supporting copyright protection?

The World Intellectual Property Organization, an agency of the United Nations, is the major proponent of international copyright issues.

What is London's function?

To be capital of Britain, a major international financial center, a global city, home to millions...

How are the economies of Milan Rome and Naples different?

Milan has a rich economy based on fashion,commerce,business, and banking. Rome hosts major international and worldwide political and cultural organizations. Naples has a high unemployment rate and is based in organized crime.

How does Mexico's geography natural resource and climate influence its economy and global partnerships with other countries?

Mexico has great soil and tropical rainfall great for harvesting crops. It is located between two major bodies of water which is great for international trade. It is also easy to trade with the US which helps the economy.

How did geography of Netherlands effect the economy?

The location of the Netherlands near the coast has affected its economy. Its geographic led to it being a major player in international sea trade.

Why do you want to study international studies?

A major in international studies gives students a global perspective. They gain a deeper understanding of the socio-cultural and economic landscape of many countries. Besides, it prepares them for exciting careers in international agencies, media, non-profit organizations, etc. International studies graduates can apply the vast knowledge that they have to various fields like archiving, foreign affairs analysis, market research, journalism, etc.

Describe some of major changes that information systems are bringing to organizations?

Information systems are allowing organizations to grow their global markets by breaking the barrier of distance. Organizations can communicate easily and efficiently over computers to make company deals, purchases, and sells. Information systems have given organizations the competitive edge.

What are the two global issues?

What makes you think that there are only two global issues? I could easily think of a dozen major global issues. At the present time, perhaps the two that are most pressing are the issue of global climate change, and the issue of international terrorism.

Major news organizations differ mainly in?

Major news organizations are different when it comes to their location. Most of these organizations also have different news anchors.

Is Egypt a trading country?

Egypt has an international trading economy, with the major exports being oil, cotton, and metal goods.

What would be considered a major hurdle for a small business attempting to take its operation going international?

Cultural differences...the major hurdles for small business to go international is "potential global businesspeople do not understand the cultural differences of prospective markets..."

What do people talk about at the United Nations?

They talk about major international conflicts like wars and nuclear disarmament, they discuss global poverty and swine flu and climate change and things like that. They discuss major global issues and things that affect a lot of countries.

What are some complaints about the International Monetary Fund?

As with many international organizations that lend money, the IMF has its detractors. One of the major complaints against it is that its restrictions and conditions for lending funds to "bail out " countries are too restrictive.

How does the United Kingdom participate in the global economy?

It is a member of the G8 London is recognized as a major financial center with an old stock exchange London is the home of Lloyds of London a very major insurer worldwide

What is the major weakness of the free market economy?

What is the major weakness of the free market economy?"

What levels do the organizations of major political parties operate independently?

At which level do the organizations of major political parties operate independently?

What is the economy in Bangladesh?

major sources of economy of Bangladesh

What are the major divisions of the global ocean?

The three major divisions of the global ocean are the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

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