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arteries are big and veins are small

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Q: What is one of the main differences between arteries veins and capillaries?
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What are the similarities between arteries and capillaries and veins?

Veins, capillaries and arteries is that they are all stops for blood.

What are the differences between arteries and capillaries and veins?

Veins- oxygen-poor blood that is returning to the heart Arteries- oxygen-rich blood that is going to the cells Capillaries- tubes that exchange nutrients between them two ^^

What is the relationship between artries veins and capillaries?

Blood flows from arteries to capillaries to veins.

What is located between arteries and veins?


What are the blood vessels between the arteries and veins?

The blood vessels between arteries and veins are called capillaries. Capillaries are thin blood vessels which joins the end of arteries and the beginning of veins.

The differences of the structure of an artery a veins a capillary?

Arteries carry blood away from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, and capillaries branch off of arteries and veins. Capillaries are essentially min-arteries and min-veins.

Capillaries form the connection between the arteries and veins?

Capillaries empty into venules which empty into veins.

What is the connecting link between arteries and veins?


Bridges between the veins and arteries are called what?

Capillaries are bridges between the arterys and veins

How are capillaries differ from veins and arteries?

Capillaries differ from veins and arteries in that they are smaller in diameter.

What are the names of the 3 blood vessles?

Arteries, capillaries, & veins.

What are 2 differences between veins and arteries?

Veins are muscular, arteries are not. Veins are designed to collapse (when empty), arteries are not.

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