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Q: What is one way in expressing concentration?
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What is another way of expressing 15 percent?

another way of expressing 15 percent = 0.15 or 15/100 or 3/20

What term refers to an artist's unique way of expressing ideas?

The term style refers to an artist's unique way of expressing ideas.

What if you say i love you?

It could mean that you cherish them in your life and that they are special to you. It could also be a way of expressing that you think they are "the one".

What is -2 written as a fraction?

-2 is an integer and so there is not a sensible way of expressing it as a fraction. One way is -2*k/k where k is an integer.

Why would you create a blog?

Creating a blog is one way of expressing one's feeling. Blogging also is used now for business purposes.

What does it mean when a man grabs both of your hands at dinner table?

Touching is a way of expressing the feeling of desire. It could also mean a way of expressing confidence

What does hahahahah mean?

It is a way of expressing laughter in words.

In Economics a way of expressing a need is called?

A Demand

What is the way of expressing an amount that is part of a whole?

A fraction.

What do the express a bias means?

A bias means a tendency to do things one way or to choose things one way as opposed to another. If you say something which reveals what your preference is you are expressing a bias.

What is pontification?

The act of speaking or expressing your opinions in a pompous way.

Which is another way of expressing 2 out of 8?