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the periodic table of elements

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Why is hydrogen grouped with the alkali metals but is not a metal?

The elements on the periodic table are grouped largely by the way their electrons are configured. Hydrogen is grouped with the alkali metals because like them it has one valence electron.

What does the number of protons in one atom determine?

It determines the atomic number, which is one way the elements are grouped on the periodic table. It is also usually the same as the number of the electrons.

Why are elements grouped together the way they are on the periodic table of elements?

Because each atom in groups (or columns up and down) have similar chemical properties.

Is one way scientists classify organisms is by reproduce?

yes it is one way scientists classify organisms

What did scientist discover when they arrange elements in order of increasing atomic mass?

As the list of known elements increased in the 1800s, scientists continued to look for a pattern in the properties of elements. Several scientists tried to arrange elements in a table in a way that made sense. 143

What is one way scientists classify animals?

One way scientists classify an animal species is by researching their genetic makeup.

How are the elements on a periodic table grouped?

There are 18 columns on the periodic table. The first 2, and 13-18 are all grouped by how many valence electrons the outermost ring of an atom has. Therefore, the elements in the columns all have similar properties. There are also other ways they are grouped. They are arranged in "number order". The number is how many protons are in the nucleus of the atom. And, they are also grouped by metals, non-metals and metalloids. The elements all the way to the left are considered "metals", some on the "staircase" are metalloids, and the ones all the way to the right are non-metals, or known as gases. The only exception to this rule is Hydrogen, it's a non-metal, but it's all the way to the left in the 1st column.

How are stars grouped to make a constellations?

Stars are grouped to make a constellations because the way you look at it,it looks that way.

What is one way scientists group species?

One way scientists group species is when they check their appearance and how closely related they are to other organisms

What do elements in the periodic table do?

The periodic table is just a way of grouping elements according to their atomic numbers. It helps scientists to understand why different elements react in different ways.

Why are the elements of the periodic table grouped the way that they are?

The elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number and repeating properties. Generally the elements within the same group have the same number of valence electrons and hence, similar chemical and physical properties.

Why are nitrogen and phosphorus are both in group 5 in the periodic table?

Because they both have 5 electrons in their outer shell. This is the way that the elements in the periodic table were grouped.

How did Mendeleev create his periodic table?

Mendeleev placed the known elements in order of increasing atomic mass. He then grouped the elements based on similar chemical properties. In this way, he was able to notice gaps in the table where unknown elements should be and to predict their chemical properties.

What is definition of grouped data?

Grouped means the grouping of relevant data after analysis. When raw data is analyzed in proper and meaningful way then its transformed into groups and these groups are known as grouped data.

Why are hydrogen lithium and sodium grouped in the same family?

they are grouped in the same family because they react, behave, and act in the same way.

How many types of elements are there?

I think 98. Scientists believe there are 109 different kinds of elements.Nintey of these elements have been made by nature. They can be found in the earth's crust and atmosphere. The other 19 elements have been made in science laboratories. Scientists are still looking for more elements. They are still trying to make more of them in their labs as well. Now this is not the worng answer i got it from a text book. that was at my school. THMS all the way......

Why did Lavoisier think lime was an element?

Because in his time, scientists could not separate the elements within lime to show that it was a compound, so he had no way of telling.

Why do scientists use symbols to represent elements?

Because it is more simple to write one or two letters than a word and also these symbols are valid in all languages.

What is the science of classifying in science?

They do this to make their studies more organized and easier. Scientists have found a way to classify all the known elements. They have developed the Periodic Table of Elements. The science of classifying things is known as taxonomy.

How do astronomers learn what elements are present in a given star?

The way that astronomers learn what elements are present in a given star is by analyzing the light from the star. Different elements have different spectral signatures, and by comparing the light from the stars to the known signatures of the elements, scientists are able to determine which ones are present in the stars.

Which of these is NOT a way that scientists collect data?

There is only one way not to collect data. The only way that is not a good way to collect data is theory development.

How is possible that the Periodic Table of Elements is useful to all scientists no matter what language they speak?

The periodic table of elements is not in one particular language; all the elements are written the same way in every language.

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