What is opposite of worry?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What is opposite of worry?
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What is the opposite of worry?


Opposite to worry?


What is the opposite word of relax?

Opposite Word of to relax: "agitate, excite, tense, worry"

What do you do if your teacher catches you kissing her son?

Well if you are the same age and opposite sex to him then what is there to worry about.

What does it mean if you dream about not being able to get gas for your car?

Don't worry, mostly dreams are the total opposite from the reality.

Why the heck my mom gay?

Some people prefer the opposite sex; some prefer the same sex. I wouldn't worry about that.

What What is the difference between carefree and careless?

"Carefree" means without worry or fear. "Careless" means inattentive or sloppy - the opposite of "careful."

What word is most opposite in meaning to relax?

you can sy for that something such as get up and work or things like get active but think the most one opposing is worry.

How do you get a popular guy to ask you out when he likes your best friend who hates him?

Just do the opposite,ask HIM out.If he rejects you there is stil like 5000000000 other guys in the world lol.dont worry

What is the future tense of worry?

The future tense of worry is will worry.

What is the answer to the ditloid 02yrrow?

Nothing to worry about

What is the mean of happy?

Is when you feel great and excited for something. It makes you feel good about yourself. You have high spirits and satisfaction. Opposite of angry and depressed.