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What is orgasm-denial?


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November 06, 2008 6:40AM

Orgasm denial is generally used during BDSM and most commonly by women on men, as a mans orgasmic response is much easier to judge and thus be in control of. Orgasm denial is when a person is brought to the point where they are just about to achieve orgasm then the stimulation is stopped and the orgasm is allowed to subside. Then the stimulation is continued, again to the point just before an orgasm becomes inevitable, then the stimulation is stopped again. This cycle of repeatedly bringing the person just to the edge of orgasm and denying them that orgasm is known as orgasm denial. This is sometimes continued for hours and is considered a form or torture because in orgasm denial, the person never is allowed to orgasm. Keep in mind that the person who is receiving this will need to be properly restrained as someone who has been about to orgasm constantly for hours at a time will do about anything to achieve that orgasm. This is not to be confused with a ruined orgasm or a blocked orgasm. A ruined orgasm occurs when the person is brought just past the point where orgasm is inevitable but before the orgasm actually begins and the stimulation is stopped cold, this results in a very weak and short lived orgasm which can be very uncomfortable and the person will often continue to be very aroused afterward, in the case of a man, a small amount of ejaculate may be released but the full quantity of ejaculate is not dispersed from the body, and the erection is most commonly maintained with little or no flaccid period before his body is again ready for an orgasm. In the case of a blocked orgasm, this refers to only men and it occurs when the body is brought to the point of orgasm and ejaculation but the ejaculate isn't allowed to leave the body, usually by means of constriction to the base of the penis and by firm pressure on the area between the scrotum and anus. The body still goes through all the motions of ejaculation but it is blocked, this can be very painful and dangerous as the ejaculate, not being able to exit the penis, can instead go into the bladder, this is known as retrograde ejaculate. One benefit of a blocked orgasm is that if the majority of ejaculate isn't expelled from the body another erection and orgasm is usually possible shorty afterward.