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There are a few explanations for this phrase, but only theories as the origin in unknown. An example is that 9, being the highest single digit, symbolizes the best

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Q: What is origin of dressed to the nines?
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To be elaborately dressed is to be dressed to the?

dressed to the nines dressed to the nines dressed to the nines ===== dressed to the hilt dressed to kill

To be elaborately dressed is to be ' dressed to the what?


What part of speech is dressed to the nines?

The phrase "dressed to the nines" is an adjective. It means to be very well dressed.

What are some Phrases from the Victorian age?

Dressed to the nines

What does dressed to the nines mean?

it just means dressed really well. There is no clear meaning for the term "nines," although the number nine is often used as a superlative, or number meaning something is very good.

Where did Dressed to the sevens come from?

I believe it is a spin-off of the term "dressed to the nines" which means to be very fashionably dressed. Being "dressed to the sevens" is a term made popular by ads for the new Tide Total Care detergent which show the seven signs of beautiful clothes and it implies that you can look your very best on an everyday level.

How many nines are in a billion?

111,111,111 nines are in a billion

What does nine mean in Bible?

NINE: -noun 1. a cardinal number, eight plus one. 2. a symbol for this number, as 9 or IX. 3. a set of this many persons or things. 4. a baseball team. 5. a playing card with nine pips. 6. the Nine, the Muses. -adjective 7. amounting to nine in number. -Idiom 8. dressed to the nines, looking one's best; dressed smartly, splendidly, etc.: All the girls were dressed to the nines for the party. (from

How many nines are in 107?

There are approximately 11.88888889 nines in 107.

When was Ninety-Nines created?

Ninety-Nines was created in 1929.

When was The Nines - band - created?

The Nines - band - was created in 1998.

When was Burchfield Nines created?

Burchfield Nines was created in 1978.

What does jacked to the nines mean?

I cannot find this phrase in a slang dictionary. There is a phrase 'dressed to the nines,' which means decked out in your best clothes. There is also a slang term 'jacked,' which can either be a short form of 'hijacked' (He jacked my seat when I got up to go the bathroom) or can mean muscled-up or pumped.

How many nines are there in a deck of cards?

There are four nines in a deck of cards.

How many pages does The Law of Nines have?

The Law of Nines has 502 pages.

What is the duration of Rollin' with the Nines?

The duration of Rollin' with the Nines is 1.53 hours.

How many nines are in 68?

7 nines, with 5 left over.

How many 9's are sandwiched between 6 and 7?

Whole nines: none.Nines, in fraction: infinitely many.Whole nines: none.Nines, in fraction: infinitely many.Whole nines: none.Nines, in fraction: infinitely many.Whole nines: none.Nines, in fraction: infinitely many.

How does four nines equal twenty?

its impossible for 4 nines to equal 20

What happens when children become nines in the giver?

Nines receive bikes at the Ceremony.

How many nines are there in forty four?

four nines - with eight left over !

When was The Law of Nines created?

The Law of Nines was created on 2009-08-18.

When was Rollin' with the Nines created?

Rollin' with the Nines was created on 2006-04-21.

Where are the thirteen number nines in the I Spy Super Challenger?

thirteen number nines

What is the origin of the The Long Gray Line?

The long line of cadets in formation dressed in gray in West Point.