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original salt solution is used for the identification of cations in salt . it is prepared by dissolving the salt in water

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How many salt is in a salt solution?

The salt content of a salt solution can be found from the solutions' molarity. Any solution with a salt content can be called a salt solution. There is no one set standard which determines the amount of salt which must be in a solution for it to be a salt solution.

Is a salt a solution?

No, a salt is a compound. A salt maybe dissolved in water and made into a solution but as salt is not a solution per se.

What is salt solution?

A salt solution is what is commonly known as salt water.

What will be the solution name if you put more salt in saturated salt solution?

It will be saturated salt solution with salt crystals at the bottom of the container.

What is the solution in salt with water?

Salt is the solute. Water is the solvent. Salt water is the solution. This solution is sometimes called a saline solution.

What is the characteristics of a salt solution?

A salt solution is an electrolyte.

Which one is salt water a solute or solution?

Solution: in salt water, water is the solvent, salt is the solute, making salt water the solution.

Is solution of salt an electrolyte?

A solution of salt (NaCl) is an electrolyte.

Why is the salt in a salt water solution a solute?

The salt is the solute in a salt water solution because the salt is the substance that is dissolved.

Suppose you prepare 500 mL of a 0.10 M solution of some salt and then spill some of it What happens to the concencentration of the solution left in the container?

If the spill occurs after solution of the salt is complete, the concentration of the solution left in the container remains unchanged, because by definition of solution, the amounts of solvent and solute spilled will have the same proportions as in the original solution.

What is solute and solvent of an salt solution?

Salt is the solute. Water is the solvent in a salt solution.

What type of solution is salt on water?

Salt in water is an ionic solution

Is salt water solution heterogeneous or homogeneous?

A solution of salt in water is a homogeneous solution.

What is an hypotonic salt solution?

A salt solution that has a lower concentration of solute (salt in this case) than another solution to which you are comparing.

Is salt water a mixture or a solution or both?

Salt water is a homogeneous mixture, which is a solution.

Why do carrots float in salt solution?

Carrots float in a salt solution because they are less dense than the salt solution.

In salt solution salt is called?

Salt dissolved in water is known as a saline solution.

What happen to the salt solution with more salt?

If the solution is saturated with salt already, then adding more salt will simply see the salt settle to the base of the solution container without it dissolving.

Salt and water are examples of what mixture?

Salt dissolves in water making a SOLUTION. If the salt is table-salt (the one you "salt" food with), then you have a Sodium chloride solution. Thus, they are an example of a solution.

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