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What is outcross breeding?

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Outcross breeding is the practice of introducing a new bloodline into a breed. It is primarily done in the early process of developing a breed. One common example was of breeding a herding dog such as a collie or shepherd into a working dog line to enhance their protective qualities.

Outcross breeding is commonly confused with cross-breeding to develop a new type of dog. No established breed outcrosses now.

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Can crossbreeding pit bulls make the puppies sick?

When you inbreed, sometimes you have to make a outcross breeding to avoid conditions to the dogs. Too much inbreeding could be bad.

Is it bad to inbreed pitbulls?

In a long term, it will be bad. John P. Çolby was a icon in creating this breed and he knew he had to outcroos his dogs after 30 years of breeding. He did outcross with a game dog.

What is the offspring of two parents from different purebred strains?

An outcross.

What are outcross cattle?

Cattle of the same breed which have a parent of a different lineage or blood-line (be it a dam or a sire) than the lineage that is being bred on that ranch. For example, a ranch may have a closed-breeding program of a blood line of Line One Hereford cattle. When he wants to outcross some of his cows, he will buy a bull that does not have the Line One lineage, but instead will go for a bull that has, for instance, a Durango line instead so that the resulting offspring have Durango-Line One genetics. **Note: Line One and Durango are bloodlines that do exist in the Hereford breeding industry. They are just used as examples on here.

What are the differences between inbreeding and out breeding?

Outcrossing of individual animals of the same species that are unrelated or very distantly related (beyond the 5th generation) often creates hybrid vigor...where the offspring are healthier and more robust than either parent. This is often done when a group of individuals are so closely related that fertility or health diminish due to the higher concentration of the same alleles in the entire group. It can also be used to add desired characteristics into a breeding program. The disavantage of a complete outcross is that recessive characteristics are often masked in the F1 generation. Inbreeding of animals of the same species is done in an attempt to fix desireable characteristics in a group. The breeder using this technique must be careful to cull offspring with undesirable characteristics as well as examine whether the parent animals should be used for continued breeding. It is generally agreed that inbreeding within the 1st through 3rd generation should be followed by an outcross and/or the beginning of a linebreeding program.

What is another term for pure-breeding?

true breeding

Breeding is the breeding of organisms that have a certain desired trait?

Selective breeding.

What breeding is the breeding of organisms that have a certain desired trait?

Selective breeding.

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What are the systems of breeding?

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What is truebreeding?

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What is the definition of selective breeding?

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Name three instances where people use selective breeding?

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