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The outer cervical os is the opening in the uterine cervix (the neck of the uterus) closer to the vagina. Its counterpart is the interior cervical os, which is opening in the cervix closer to the uterus.

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Q: What is outer cervical os?
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What does os mean in medical terminology?

An OS is a mouth-like opening. An example are internal and external cervical OS

How does sperm reach the uterus?

the sperm reaches the uterus through the cervical opening or cervical os.

What is the opening at the lower end of uterus muscle?

The opening at the lower end of the uterus is the internal cervical os. It leads to the cervical canal, through the exernal os, and into the vagina.

The junction of the uterine cavity with the cervical canal is?

internal OS

What if the internal os is closed?

You dont have cervical dilatation yet.

What is the medical term meaning the divot in your cervix?

The little dent in your cervix is at the opening into the endocervical canal. That opening is called the cervical os or, more specifically, the ectocervical os. At the other end of the canal is the endocervical os.

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What is the medical term meaning removal of core of cervical tissue for biopsy?

Core biopsy of the cervix is not a normal procedure. Cone biopsy of the cervix is the medical term of removal of a portion of the cervix surrounding the cervical os.

What formation explains the formation and movement of the outer surface os the earth?

the theory of plate tectonics

What is a smits sleeve for the cervix?

A smits sleeve is a small device (plastic tube) that is inserted into the cervical OS to maintain an opening for insertion of radiation brachytherapy tandems

What is cervical neoplasm?

Cervical neoplasm is another name for cervical cancer.

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