What is oxide ores?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Those ores which contain metal in the form of oxides are called as oxide ores.

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Q: What is oxide ores?
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What are two general types of hydrothermal deposits?

Sulfide ores and oxide ores

Are oxide ores dissolved in acid solutions?

Yes, it is possible.

What is all ores of aluminium with chemical equation?

aluminium oxide

What does the mining metal ores mean?

Extracting a metal oxide from the ground

What is the name of the important family metal ores containing oxygen?

One name would be "Oxides", as in iron oxide (Rust), aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium oxide, to name a few.

Is silver found in pure form?

Silver is most commonly found as its oxide in their ores.

What are the various step involved in metallurgy?

1. Concentration of the ores. 2. Converting the concentrated ore to its oxide. 3. Extracting the metal from its oxide. 4. Purification of the metal.

Is an ilmenite with 7 percent titanium oxide good?

No - that is low yield - there are ores richer than that around the world

How is cobalt obtained?

Cobalt is obtained by heating its ores to produce cobalt oxide. The cobalt ores are: cobaltite, smaltite, chloranthite, and linnaeite. Once those ores are heated, the remaining compound is then heated with aluminum to release the pure metal.

What non-silicate group contains iron ores?

Iron ore minerals would be included in the oxide mineral grouping.

In what form does polonium occur in nature?

Polonium is a very rare chemical element accompanying uranium in ores (probably in the form of an oxide).

How are sulfide ores turned into oxides?

Sulfide ores are usully converted to oxides by heating them in air, this process is called roasting. During this process, metal sulfide is turned into metal oxide and sulfur dioxide is given out as a by-product.