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Q: What is oxygen and copper are example of?
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What does metal plus oxgen equals?

It depends what the metal is, but any metal combined with oxygen will be an oxide, for example: Copper + Oxygen = Copper Oxide.

Are oxygen and cooper an example of elements?

Oxygen and copper are examples of elements; cooper is a barrel maker.

Does copper with oxygen?

Yes, copper reacts with oxygen to form copper oxide.

Does copper have oxygen?

No. Copper and oxygen are two separate elements.

What elements are in CuO?

Cu = Copper O = oxygen So, CuO is a molecule composed of copper and oxygen.

How do you know if it is an element?

Elements are present in the periodic table. For example Copper (Cu) is an element but copper sulphate CuSO4 is a compound.... Elements present in copper sulpahte are Copper (Cu),Sulphur (S) and Oxygen (O).

What is the chemical reaction copper and oxygen?

for example the statue of liberty.the statue of liberty`s original color is copper its only turned green because of the the chemical reaction to copper and oxygen are when they are put together it effects the thing tht is connecte to it i thnks

Which coumpond contains both copper and oxygen?

There may be many that contain copper and oxygen in addition to other elements. The two that contain only copper and oxygen are copper (I) oxide and copper (II) oxide.

What compound is made from the elements oxygen copper and nitrogen?

Copper nitrate is a compound. It is made from oxygen, copper and nitrogen.

Is CuSO4 an example of a chemical element?

No, that is a compound called Copper Sulphate. It has one atom of copper, one of sulphur and four of oxygen, those three are elements.

Why does oxygen decrease the conductivity of copper?

Oxygen will make it impure and will react with the copper making it copper oxide, which isnt as conductive as copper alone

Can you get the copper oxide from burning copper with oxygen?

Yes, copper oxide can be obtained by burning copper with oxygen. When copper is heated in the presence of oxygen, it undergoes a chemical reaction to form copper oxide. The resulting copper oxide can be collected and used for various purposes.