What is pakikipagkapwa?

Updated: 10/19/2023
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Paano tunay na pagiging mapanagutan sa iyong pakikipagkapwa?

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having a sense of fellow-being (Filipino term)

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Q: What is pakikipagkapwa?
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Pamantayan sa asal sa pakikipagkapwa?


What is malasakit?

Malasakit is propelled from our innermost being. It has to be actualized in our pakikipagkapwa.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng pakikipagkapwa tao?


Konklusyon o kasabihan tungkol sa pakikipagkapwa?

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What is pakikipagkapwa tao?

According to Patricia B. Licuanan, pakikipagkapwa-tao means a general regard for others: namely, an ability to empathize; a sense of fairness, justice, and mutual respect; an awareness of others' dignity and humanity; and a willingness to help in times of need. Licuanan identifies pakikipagkapwa-tao as a basic character strength of the Filipino culture.(Source: "A Moral Recovery Program: Building a People -- Building a Nation" by Patricia B. Licuanan. Published and republished in various compiled texts. See Google Books link below.)

What are some Filipino values and attitudes?

Two of the most important Filipino beliefs and attitudes are bahala na, which is a belief in fate and a 'come what may' attitude, and Pakikipagkapwa-tao which is honor, dignity and respect.

Hakbang sa paglutas ng mga isyu sa pakikipagkapwa?

malulutasan natin ito kung tayo ay makipagkapwa sa kanila ng tama at makinig din naman tayo sa kanilang mga opinyon

Anu ang ibig sabihin ng boycott?

ito ay nagpapakita ng paggalang sa isang tao Ang pakikipagkapwa ay isa sa mga mahahalagang katangian ng tao

Paano tunay na maipapakita ang pagiging mapanagutan sa iyong pakikipagkapwa?

Pagiging Malakas Pagiging Matalino Tangkilikin Ang sariling Hood --> LFMPROUDEE HustleTymm Palagi :> Ayown. Adik KaLowka :)

What are the Positive values of filipino entrepreneur?

Positive Values of a Filipino Entrepreneur1. Pakikipagkapwa taoThere are many ways in making our cultural values favorable to entrepreneurship. Pakikipagkapwa tao(human relations) which covers our concern for hiya (loss of face), pakikisama (togetherness), pakikibagay (adjusting or adapting to other people), malasakit (concern), utang na loob (debt of gratitude), amor propio (self esteem) and bayanihan (cooperative spirit). Pakikipagkapwa taois a value favorable to entrepreneurship because it is against any form of exploitation of another. Basically, entrepreneurship is a practical translation of one's pakikipagkapwa tao because the work is to provide things and services of value to others to improve their standards of living. The entrepreneur that has pakikipagkapwa tao does not cheat his customers by overpricing or underweighing his goods; nor undercut his competitors by underpricing or maligning them, nor maltreat his workers by underpaying or overworking them; nor cheat the government by avoiding or evading taxes. At the same time, other Filipinos who benefit from fruits of the entrepreneur will give him back his share. Customers pay, competitors play fair, and workers demonstrate malasakitover the business. If pakikipagkapwa tao developed well, it should promote and uphold the vision of entrepreneur.2. Bahala naBy nature, Filipinos are malakas ang loob(strong-hearted), and not timid and fearful. The fact is that many of us pursue our plans and projects even if we are not sure of future developments or events that may affect their accomplishment. We undertake projects which should perhaps have frightened us if we were only less courageous to take the risk involved. In situations where we are not sure of our ability to accomplish things, we say bahala na (let fate decide the outcome) and do the best we can believing that Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa(Look to God for compassion and to man for action).3. PakikipagsapalaranThe saying "Ang taong talagang duwag, tumatakbo't walang sugat (A coward runs away from the fight even before he is wounded), shows that we as a people do not consider it honorable to surrender before uncertainty or challenge. In many situations, specially in the field of making a living, our confidence is justifies, because almost all of us are intelligent and literate enough to read, write, and count. We are very quick to adjust to new and strange situations. It is not surprising why there is plenty of mobility among our countrymen; and it is not unusual to find inter-province migration as precipitated by the love for pakikipagsapalaran(adventure). That is risk-taking.4. Gaya-gayaOur inclination to learn and adjust to new ways of doing things may also be seen in our talent for gaya-gaya or imitations. Of course as one matures in an entrepreneurial career, one really has to be more creative and innovative to make one's products and services more satisfying to customers. But, for those who are only starting a business doing a gaya-gaya of other products do contribute to the training and preparation of many Filipinos for an entrepreneurial career.5. Utang na loob, hiya, awa, bayanihanAside from the family, there are others around us who can give much needed support. There may be the ninong and ninang, kababayan, kumpare, kumara, kaeskwela, katokayo and others who are willing to assists us simply from goodwill, in return for some past utang na loob or the expectation of some future time when they, in turn, need our assistance. In business, this may seem that we can expect them to buy from us. If they do that on credit they have to pay because of loss of face or compassion, to sell us supplies on consignment, or to give necessary consultancy services to us when we are in trouble.6. KasipaganAnother value that has to do with industriousness is an essential attribute of an entrepreneur.7. PagtitipidWe also assign a high value on pagtitipid (thrift). It is hard to unwisely spend your hard-earned money. Individuals who save eventually have enough to set their own firm; and as entrepreneurs, they do not drastically spend on things that do not pay back in terms of profit.8. PagtitiisFilipinos are also considered as persistent, persevering people. We do not easily give up in the face of difficulty.9. PagtitimpiAnother sign of our endurance is our emphasis on pagtitimpi (self-control). We do not allow ourselves to show, verbally or otherwise, our emotions at the slightest provocation. We like to wait until "the cup overflows". The capacity to bear emotional or physical stress can serve as well in an entrepreneurial career where we will be constantly battered by many stressful situations.10. KatapatanThe Philippines is considered the largest Christian nation in Asia. We have a heritage for strong religiosity, which demands that we should be honest in our dealings with others. We do not like to exploit others, otherwise we are branded as "worthless persons". We would rather use "sincerity" or "purity of heart". These traits are very useful in business because exploitative ways are always self-defeating in the long run.

Ano ang 6 na gamit ng paglalahad?

Ang mga antas ng pakikipagkapwa Tao ay:1. kabatian ngunit Hindi kakilala(strangers)-- nagngingitian lang ngunit di magkakilala,naipapakita sa pamamagitan ng pagbati ng hi!,o hello! pangangamusta o sa pamamagitan ng tanguan, at facial expression.2. kakilala(acquaintances)-- maaaring magkasama sa trabaho,sa paaralan o sa isang pangkat subalit di pa malalim ang relasyon o ugnayan ngunit nagkakaalaman na ng mga pangalan.3. kabarkada(Peers)-- mga taong kakilala,kasamahan kapangkat sa gawain o pagtitipon subalit di pa gaanong kapalagayan ng loob.4. Kaibigan(Friend)-- Mga taong may malalim na ugnayan subalit Hindi pa lubos ang pagtanggap sa isat-isa ito ang unang hakbang tungo sa pagiging best friend.5. Matalik na kaibigan(best friend)-- Naipadarama ang tunay na damadamin ng isa't isa, lubos na ang pagkakakilala at pagtanggap sa mga kahinaan at kalakasan ng bawat isa ito ang mataas na antas ng pakikipag-kapwa.6. Katuwang(soulmate,lover)-- Mga taong tanggap ang kahinaan at kalakasan ng bawat isa,katuwang at kapanalig sa laht ng pagkakataon. kadalasan ay humahantong sa pagsasama ng dalawang Tao lalo na't kung magkasalungat ang kasarian(upang maging iisa na lamang sa mata ng diyos at ng Tao. ito ang pinakamataas na antas ng pakikipag-kapwa)...

Ano ang tipo o antas ng komunikasyon?

Antas ng komunikasyon ayon sa pakikipagkapwa: Level of Acquaintance- pinakamababaw na pakikipag-usap. Ngunit madalas gamitin magsalitang lumalabas sa ating bibig ngunit salat sa lalim. Reporter's talk-pagbabahagi ng impormasyon na tumutugon sa tanong na ano, sino, saan, kailan at iba pa. Intellectual talk-dito hindi lamang impormasyon ang ibinabahagi kundi pati na ang ating opinyon, pakahulugan o interpretasyon at mga paghatol. Emotional talk-malaya na maibabahagiang iyong sariling damdamin sa iba. Mas mahirap magbahagi ng damdamin kaysa sa iniisip dahil itinuturing natin na ang ating damdamin ay pribado. Loving, Geniune, Truth talk-pinakamataas na antas ng komunikasyon. Dito, ibinabahai na natin ang ating pangangailangan, alalahanin, pangarap, takot o pag-asa. Nasasabi nating lahat ng ito nsng boung katapatan at wala tayong inhibisyon o pag-aalinlangan. Dito mahalaga an pagtanggap, pag-unawa at paggalang. add me on fb: