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Q: What is pale yellow precipitate?
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Is colour of silver bromide white?

NO!!! It is deemed to be pale yellow or cream . For the classic halogen tests. Silver fluoride does ~NOT precipitate/ colourless Silver chloride is a WHITE precipitate Silver bromide is a PALE YELLOW ppt Silver iodide is a YELLOW ppt. Silver astatine has not been chracterised.

What happen when you add iodide to silver nitrate?

When iodide is added to silver nitrate, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the formation of silver iodide precipitate. This can be represented by the equation: AgNO3 + KI -> AgI(s) + KNO3. The silver iodide formed is insoluble in water and appears as a yellow precipitate.

What colors make pale yellow?

purple bluberry, yellow, white, AND PALE YELLOW purple bluberry, yellow, white, AND PALE YELLOW

What color do white and yellow make?

White and yellow make a light pastel shade of yellow.

How do you test for bromide ions?

Add silver nitrate solution to a solution of bromide ions. A pale yellow precipitate of silver bromide formed indicates the presence of bromide ions.

Is lead iodide a precipitate?

Yes, lead iodide is a yellow precipitate that forms when solutions of lead nitrate and potassium iodide are mixed.

What is the precipitate color of silver nitrate and barium chloride?

Silver chloride (AgCl) gives a white precipitate. Silver Bromide (AgBr) also gives a white precipitate, though it's a slightly more creamy white than the precipitate formed by AgCl. Silver iodide (AgI) gives a pale yellow precipitate.

What color will pale yellow and pale peach make?

Sort of a pale orange.

What colour precipitate forms for silver nitrate and potassium carbonate?

it will form a yellow precipitate

What happens when you mix AgNO3 and NH3?

Precipitate of AgCl and NH4NO3 aqueous AgNO3 + NH4Cl >> AgCl + NH4NO3

What color is AgBr as a precipitate?

Silver bromide (AgBr) is a light yellowish precipitate.

Two colorless solutions were mixed. a yellow precipitate was formed.what possible reactants were mixed and what was the yellow coloured precipitate formed due to?

chemical change