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What is paper made of?

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Main ingredient of all paper is plant material. Loading or filling material such as clay, CaCO3, Talc, TiO2 etc. are used for higher brightness and better printability. Rosin, alum or combination of other chemicals is used to make paper water resistant.

Some special purpose paper such as coffee filter paper contain wet strength polymer so to withstand hot water soaking.

Colored paper may contain dye or pigment.

In other words its made from a tree

2010-01-14 02:07:22
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Q: What is paper made of?
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What does wood do?

it is made into paper it is made into paper it is made into paper

What are paper airplanes made from?

Paper airplanes are made from paper.

What is paper made out of and how is it made?

Paper is made out of wood.

What was paper made out of before it was made out of trees?

Paper was made of rock's before tree's made paper

What are the materials for paper?

Paper is made out of paper pulp, which is made out of wood.

How did the paper is made?

paper is made of tree.

Is a paper bag made from wood?

Yes. Paper bags are made from paper which is made from wood.

What is a magazine made out of?

it's made out of paper and paper is made from trees.

Is cardboard made of paper?

Yes, it is made out of paper.

What is paper is made out of?

Paper is made out of bark from trees!

How its made cooking paper?

How its made parcment paper

What are paper towels made out of?

Paper towels are made out of paper pulp, which comes from trees. Some paper towels are made from recycled paper from paper products, which also originally came from trees.

What is hand made paper?

hand made paper means that someone made the paper by hand like hand made cards

What is synthetic paper?

synthetic paper is paper that is made from man made materials and not from trees

Is paper man made?

Paper is made from trees (wood).Wood is Natural but they have processed the wood and made paper. Therefore it is man-made.

Is all recycled toilet paper made from used toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from used paper. It isn't made from used toilet paper. That would be gross.

What was Egyptian paper made of?

Egyptians made paper from papyrus

Does linen paper last longer than paper made from wood?

Paper made from linen paper last longer.

How are paper towels made?

Paper towels are made by combining trees, cotton, and absorbancy paper.

What are Viva paper towels made of?

tree bark paper towels are made from paper pulp

Place where paper is made?

Paper is usually made commercially in a factory known as a Paper Mill.

What was acient chinese paper money made of?

If it is called "paper money", then presumably, it was made from paper.

How was paper made in olden days?

Paper was made by pulp wood made into fine chips and then processed into a pulp witch in return was made into paper

Money isn't made out of paper it's made out of cotton?

it is made out of cotton and paper.

What is A4 paper made of?

A4 paper is made of a tree called the paper bark tree, the paper is actually made out of the bark from the tree, that's where its name came from. :)