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What is passing in volleyball?


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January 10, 2010 6:18PM

Passing in volleyball is also known as bumping. It is when you extend your two arms directly out in front of you and then clasp your hands together. When you clasp, take u yournon-dominate hand and make a fist with your thumb facing upwards. Then with your dominate hand, put the tips of your fingers on the knuckles of the non-dominate hand. then simply form the rest of your dominate hand around the non-dominate hand with your 2 thumbs facing up. Make sure the thumbs are not crossing, with your nails facing up. This creates a platform for the volleyball to be passed. There are many ways for it to be passed but this is the most common way. Also, be sure that when you pass you are hitting the volleyball on your wrist/ends of thumbs.