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Passion is a product of emotion. The known definition of emotion is 'any strong feeling'. Whereas, the known definition of passion is 'any strong emotion'. Therefore we have proven how and why passion would be a product of emotion. An emotion, such as love or jelousy, is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. The neurobiological explanation of human emotion is that emotion is a pleasant or unpleasant mental state organized in the limbic system of the mammalian brain. When distinguished from reactive responses of reptiles, emotions would then be mammalian elaborations of general vertebrate arousal patterns, in which neurochemicals (neurochemicals are any organic chemical/substance released by the brain according to situations) step-up and step-down the brain's activity level, as visible in body movements, gestures, and postures. Therefore we can conclude that passion is unavoidable and uncontrolable. As we can see that passion overcomes logical reasoning/thinking. Therefore logic is distorted and unclear which is used as a vehicle for passion. Which would then lead to unwanted results. A good example of such would by lying and dishonesty.
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Why is soccer your passion?

Answer . Soccer is my passion because it is the sport i love and was raised on

What are you passionate about?

i'm passionate about helping others and i feel like its my mission to follow that goal by helping other in our community and making a difference in their lives

How do you discover your passion?

well.... by doing something you like to do like drawing or dancing or whatever! if you really like doing it its most likely your passion...

How do you passionately kiss?

well, make sure you are alone with your partner because public display makes others feel uncomfortable. make sure you are comfortable and ready to kiss your partner, relax and start talking about how much you love them ETC, BTW make sure you have fresh breath ETC, slowly lean in, but angle your face ( Full Answer )

What am i passionate about?

Ask the slug in the Biscuit tub. He should know because he isoverloaded on sugar and his brain is going to slam into the red caron the prairie

What is a passion mark?

A passion mark is when a male or female sucks the skin until itturn red and in the progress, you become very sexual. A passionmark is basically just another name for a hickey.

What is passionate love?

Passionate love is characteized by strong, preoccupying thoughts of the person to whom one feels powerfully attracted. Many people feel they are "floating on a cloud" and have a constant desire to see, be with, talk to, and make love to the other person.

What does passionate mean?

It means that you show a lot of love towards someone, or you have strong feelings for something so you are passionate about that thing. Passionate is not an active principle. A lot of people who express anger inappropriately say "I am NOT angry. I am just passionate." Wrong, in that the word is a ( Full Answer )

How do you hug passionately?

Really mean it when you hug . I don't think there is a way to hug ' passionately ' - it isn't really a passionate thing. Why don't you just kiss... much better!

Where is purple passion?

flowers , plates , nature, . originally colour -mixed as purple , white , silver. made my Rosie omeara-2007 originally called Passion purple.

What is a passionate kiss?

A passionate kiss is one that is slow, soft and lingering. It mayinvolve the tongue as well as the lips.

What is the meaning of passion?

Passion is a strong desire to have, or do, something, or someone.It is An almost uncontrollable urge, or feeling.

What are passions?

passion - a strong feeling or emotion . passion - heat: the trait of being intensely emotional . passion - rage: something that is desired intensely; "his rage for fame destroyed him" . passion - mania: an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action . passion - a feeling of strong ( Full Answer )

What is Madonna passionate about?

Madonna, the 'Pop Queen' is passionate about her music, image and spiritual growth. She is passionate about her children, father, family and equally adore her husband, Guy Ritchie. Most of these can be seen in her music videos and lyrics. In recent years, her interest and passion for Kabbalah, or ( Full Answer )

Is it passion for fashion or fashion for passion?

It is surely the fashion for passion nowadays. People are goingnuts on literally anything new that is being introduced in themarket. That is not good. I mean sough to be attractive is okay butobsession is a hell different thing. Not advisable.

What is the passion of Jesus?

Well if you are asking what is the passion of the Christ then I will tell you.The passion of the Christ is a movie about Jesus.by the way i do not like any movies that act like they are Jesus.Okay God bless you.

What is a passion flower?

"Passionflower" refers to a number of plants in the Passiflora genus. Most typically, it refers to Passiflora incarnata , also called "maypop". This species, like many of the species of passionflower, is used in traditional herbal medicine to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Also, as the na ( Full Answer )

What is your niche or passion?

Employers want to know what it is that drives you and excites you.What do you love doing more than anything else. And, does yourpassion or niche fit into the position for which you are applying.

What were the passion of Jesus?

" The Passion " is a term used by Christians to cover everything which happened to Jesus Christ from the time he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane until he died on the Cross.

What is the opposite of passion?

The opposite of passion is indifference. To have passion for a subject is to care deeply for it. Indifference is to have no caring, interest, or dislike for the subject.

What passion are there?

There is quite a few but in order to substanchiate your claims you must unorthadise it to make your passions and if you find a outsatanding one in which you want to pursue you can proceed :)

Put him in a passion?

if you mean by getting him "in the mood for s3x" then seduce him by showing a little skin and letting him know he can have that in s3x. let him know all of the good things he can have with you and him right there in that "b00m b00m r00m"

What were Justinians passions?

To make all roman laws equal to christian values, and he built churches. His wife made a law to help women and children

What are the values of passion?

Answer:. Passion is not really about values; it's more about power.. Successful people win because they love what they do. All of them have a very strong desire to succeed. They have passion for their field, their business.. Passion is the single fastest way to spur yourself to massive success. I ( Full Answer )

What is passionate rhetoric?

Rhetoric is a group of techniques which make speeches more interesting, moving and persuasive. It involves figures of speech such as metaphors or apostrophe, together with ways of structuring sentences to have parallel structures, to employ the rule of three, etc. Using these techniques while delive ( Full Answer )

What is the food passion?

when somebody has a passion for food i don't really know I'm just trying to be helpful I'm only 11

Why are you passionate about music?

Some of the reasons why I'm passionate about Music, is because I think that Music is a form of self expression and music taste has to do with others personality, sensitivity and view of life and It's easy to connect with people who share your music passion. In my opinion, music to me is like my esca ( Full Answer )

What is Passion Narrative?

The story of the last week of Jesus from the entry on Palm Sunday until His Resurrection.

Lesson of Passion?

The Lesson of Passion is an erotic and adult based web game on thenet. It is only used by those who are 18 and older.

Can there be love with no passion?

Sure! Usually love STARTS with passion. But passion eventually fades away, so only the love remains. It is a bit unusual but sometimes a love can start without passion (it happens when you find out suddenly you are in love for your best friend, for example). If you talk about the other ways of lov ( Full Answer )

What was robespierres passion?

Robespierre was passionate, first and foremost, about the French Republic. He was willing to do nearly anything to keep his country safe, prosperous, and governed by a representative system based on the concepts of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Beyond this, Robespierre was dedicated to reason a ( Full Answer )

Is sex passionate?

Sex could be passionate, but it depends on how you have sex. If you are really having sex without anyone getting abused, then it would be considered passionate. If someone is getting hurt, it is not passionate.

What does passionately mean?

pas·sion·ate (psh-nt). adj. . 1. Capable of, having, or dominated by powerful emotions: a family of passionate personalities. . 2. Wrathful by temperament; choleric.. 3. Marked by strong sexual desire; amorous or lustful.. 4. Showing or expressing strong emotion; ardent: a passion ( Full Answer )

What is passionate kissing?

kissing when you actual meaning like when you truely love someone you kiss, not like your drunk and you kiss someone and have no meaning for it at all.

What is love or passion?

first question...are you in love?....no...yess.. how does it feel if you are? for me love is when you unconditionally want someone and NEED someone to funcution. Passion can be something that you feel for a short amount of time, not something that lasts forever like love.

What is passion of the Christ about?

In the Bible the events of Jesus' death are only Minorly described. "Passion of the Christ" uses historical facts to display how torturous the death of Christ was literally, as the Bible does not give as many details.

What is a crime of passion?

Crime of passion is an emotionally motivated crime. It is a crime an extreme emotion. It is often a crime that is because of sexual jealousy.

What do you do at passion parties?

at a passion party you gain knowledge on sexuality, saftey, and also have fun playing some fun games you will also find a wide range of toys, lubricants and other things of that nature

How do you acquire passions?

the passions general embody on the things you interested and with enthusiasm. you try to think what you like and what you wanna to do. what thing can cause your desire to think.

How you know about your passion?

This is a somewhat open ended question, but I will try my best to provide you with a sufficient answer. I believe that your passion will find you. Something that is considered your passion is something you love. Something that makes you happy, something you can not wait to wake up every morning and ( Full Answer )

What does i have a passion for you means?

in a serious relationship it could mean anything if its "sexual" then they have that kind Passion for you or they have deep feelings for you

What are synonyms for passion?

n 1. ardent love or affection 2. intense sexual love 3. a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc, a passion for poetry 4. any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc 5. a state or outburst of extreme anger, he flew into a passion 6. the object of an intense desire, a ( Full Answer )

What are worldly passions?

From a guys' standpoint... Money, power, and women. Ask someone else if you wanna know about girls.

How do you answer what is your hobbies or passion?

The question about hobbies or passion is intended to discover what interests you, or what you most like to do with your free time. Some people like to read, some like to play baseball, some play video games, some collect ceramic figurines, some hunt for squirrels, and so forth. This may or may not h ( Full Answer )

What is the Passion Play about?

The Passion Play is a dramatic presentation about the trail, suffering, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is a traditional part of Lent for many Christians Sects and Catholics.

What was Justinian passionate about?

Justinian I (or the Great) was most passionate about religion, autocratic rule, the reconquest of the lands lost by the western part of the Roman Empire and his wife, Theodora. He loved his wife very much and was distraught when she died. Although they were in conflict over religion, they supported ( Full Answer )

What is the adjective for passion?

The noun passion has the related adjective " passionate ."There is also an adjective " impassioned " (done with emotion)which oddly does not have a modern verb form.