What is passive graphics in brief?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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What is passive graphics in brief?

In Passive Computer

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Q: What is passive graphics in brief?
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What do you mean by interactive and passive computer graphics. also explain how does an interactive computer graphics works?

passive and interactive computer graphics example

Passive computer graphics?

Its just an another name of non - interactive graphics. Actually interactive and non - interactive graphics are a classification of computer graphics on the basis of interaction of the computer graphics system towards users.

What is the classification of computer graphics?

two types 1)NON interactive CG or passive 2)interactive CG or active

What is the difference between passive and interactive information systems?

Passive Systems are those which do not allow for data to be changed, for example an encyclopedia held on CD. Interactive systems however, allow for data to be accessed and ammended by the user.we use passive in bill board or posterwe use iteractive graphics in web sites or electronics devices

What are kinds of passive voices and how many types are there in the passive voice?

There are seven types of passive voices 1 General Passive 2 Modal Passive 3 Journalistic Passive 4 Double object Passive 5 + ing Passive 6 + going to Passive 7 + want to Passive By H.K.Dalugama

Is Mark was given a warning active or passive?


Who are you in passive voice?

"Your name is not known by me." is passive voice.

Is diffusion passive or active?


What is passive interest?

passive interest

What is a passive learning?

What is a passive learning?

What is passive capacitor?

A capacitor is passive like a resistor is passive it performs no active amplification.

What type of transport is carbon dioxide passive or active?

Carbon dioxide transport is passive because it moves across cell membranes by simple diffusion, down its concentration gradient. However, in the blood, most carbon dioxide is carried in the form of bicarbonate ions, which is facilitated by specific enzymes and transport proteins.