What is peasant farming?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Peasant farming is the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals on a small scale. this farming industry occupies approximately two(2) lots of land.Peasant farmer uses simple tools in this agricultural system.

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Q: What is peasant farming?
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What are some advantages of peasant farming in the Caribbean?

Peasant farming how do it help household

What is the comparison between peasant farming an commercial arable farming?

peasant farming- small scale commercial farming-large scale

What type of farming do most people in Africa do?

peasant farming

How is peasant farming different from agriculture producers?

peasant farming is not like afram for animls its a farm for people agriculture producers are people who grow plants and crops and raise animals

Differences between peasant and subsistence farming?

Peasant farming is the growing of crops and rearing of animals on a small scale mainly for sale while subsistence farming is the rearing of animals and growing of crops on small scale for personal or family consumption.

What is it called when farmers raise crops or livestock to sell?

Peasant farming

Who did the farming in the medieval ages?

The peasant's or The serf serf is just a other name for peasant. The 'Serfs' did the farming on the lords land. the land the serfs farmed was a small bit of land that was giving to the people from the Lord.

What is a mixed peasant farm?

Mixed peasant farms are where farmers not only produce for their personal consumption but also for sale. Mixed peasant farming provides a healthy surplus of food for themselves, for sale, and for trade.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of peasant farming?

the advantages is they get bay more and they need to work more

How do Utopians get jobs and how is this different from Europe in the 16th century?

Utopians can choose their jobs. This is different from Europe in the 16th century because there was less mobility between jobs and classes. Someone born a farming peasant remained a farming peasant for life.

Why is peasant farming important?

Peasant is the cultivation of crops and raising of animals, not on a large scale. They can be found selling produce at local markets and are found in rural areas.

3 jobs a peasant man might have to do in the middle ages?

cooking, farming, and being mades