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What is pelote jai alai?

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A sport played in the south of France.

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Where did jai alai begin?

jai alai began in spain

What is jai alai in english?

From Italian to English it means "jai I towed" but from Russian it means "jai of alai"

What is the jai alai ball called?

The jai alai ball is called a "pelota".

What is a jai alai ball called?

A jai alai ball is called a "pelota".

What is another name for jai alai?

Jai Alai is also known as Peleta.

What region was Jai Alai invented in?

Jai Alai was invented in Spain's Basque region.

What happened to Milford Jai-Alai?

In short, the casinos opened in Connecticut and nobody went to jai alai anymore.

What is the jai alai basket called?

The jai alai basket is called a "cesta", which is Spanish for basket.

When was Manila Jai Alai Building created?

Manila Jai Alai Building was created in 1940.

What is the hearing number of jai alai for today?

anong hearing number ngayon sa jai alai?

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Which sports is it similar to jai-alai?

indoor lacrosse

What is the hearing numbers in jai alai for Jan 14 2015?

Jai alai result for 23 jan.2015

What is alai on a brain teaser?

If the word "alai" is at the top of the box it's in, it is "High Alai" (jai Alai the sport)

What is the hearing numbers in jai alai September 16 2015?

What is the hearing numbers in jai alai september 16 2015

What would be the possible result for jai alai cagayan valley July 11 2012?

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Has there been any major changes to jai-alai?


What is vasque sport?

Jai Alai

What is the result in jai alai sports in cagayan valley for May 7 2013?

Anong hearing ngayon sa jai alai?

The fastest measured speed of a ball in the game jai-alai is In men's tennis the fastest recorded serve was Which is faster?


What actors and actresses appeared in Jai-Alai - 1940?

The cast of Jai-Alai - 1940 includes: Javier de Rivera

What is the probables numbers of jai alai cagayan Jan 06 2012?

unsay result for tomorrow jai alai january 7 2012

Does any famous people play jai-alai?

No, I dont think so .

What is the name of the jai alai basket?


What game starts with j?

jai alai