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In sex it is where a penis enters the vagina or anus
penetration is when a man inserts his penis inside a womans vagina.


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Vaginal penetration means when there is a vaginal penetration by the penis.

For anyone to get pregnant there must be penetration, so if there is no penetration there will be no pregnancy.

Internet penetration is the number of people that have Internet in an area. Broadband penetration is the number of people who use broadband.

Penetration can cause pregnancy.

Penetration is not a factor in contracting a STD. It does not take deep penetration to contract a STD.

anal penetration anal penetration

Penetrate means pierce

Pregnancy without penetration is highhly unlikely

The gamma particle has the deepest penetration.

The duration of Penetration Angst is 1.7 hours.

India has a internet penetration of around 4.9% (compared with 68% in US), broadband penetration in India is even lower 0.5%.

The difference between a full penetration weld and a deep penetration weld is the depth at which the metals being joined are actually joined. A full penetration weld is a slight puncture only to heat the two metals and join them. A deep penetration weld is a deeper hole puncture that is held and a metal wire is melted to join the metals.

Retail Penetration is the last stock fed in market but not yet sold.

penetration does not effect menstruation in any way

It depends on what kind of penetration your referring to! Anal or vaginal? They both feel different. I would imagine vaginal penetration if aroused feels quite good. Anal penetration on the other hand has been reported to hurt.

One advantage of market penetration is the fact that the business can realize more revenues. If done correctly, market penetration will help businesses expand.

If fired with the same momentum yes it does effect the penetration

Some words to rhyme with penetration are acclamation, avocation, aggravation, conservation, Gyration.

high penetration index shows low temperature susceptibility, low penetration index shows high temperature suspectibility.

If you are referring to the definition of a sexual crime; penetration HOWEVER SLIGHT of the sex organs.

the percentage of a population using the internet. example: the US has an internet penetration rate of 78.3%

Double penetration is when one man's penis is in your vagina and the other man's penis is in your butt.

No there is no material discovered which can stop the penetration of gamma radiations

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