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In an original motherboard, the entire product is manufactured by Intel, i.e. the circuit board and the ICs (integrated circuits) which are on it. Whereas, when we talk of a `chip set' it means some other company, for instance Mercury or D-Link, has designed and made the circuit board but has used the chipset provided by Intel.

When we refer to a `chipset" it is a set of ICs that primarily controls the processor, memory and other main functionalities. However, the third-party company that has designed the circuit board can use other company chips for audio and other communication peripherals. The major point to note here is the design of the mainboard. A good design should provide a good air flow and a perfect selection of peripheral and communication chips to have optimal performance.

Buying a chipset board is always a compromise. However, third-party companies, like the ones mentioned above, do make some good boards that are cost-effective and reliable too.

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Q: What is performance difference between chipset and original Intel motherboard?
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