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A stereotype is a belief about a group of people that is not necessarily true. It is a generalization that assumes that all people act the same way. Some examples of stereotypes are: African American people are all good at basketball. All Asian people are good at math. People with blonde hair are stupid. And so on.
To perpetuate something means that a person causes or allows something to continue.

Therefore, perpetuating stereotypes would mean using or believing a generalized (and often untrue) belief about a group of people and spreading that belief.
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What is stereotyping?

An Implicit form of Stereotyping is also a stereotype threat, which is a fear of being judged based on a negative stereotype about a group you belong to. An example can be an African American boy during poorly on an exam because he fears if he does poorly then people will think it is because of his ( Full Answer )

What are stereotypes?

A Stereotype is the judgment of a person by his race/orientation. Stereotypes are broad generalizations about a particular group ofpeople. For example, there is the stereotype that models are stupidand do not eat.

What is Perpetual organization?

the perpetual organization is the organization that innovates."1 Perpetual organizations are those organizations that not only survive, but also thrive. They are those organizations that view innovation as using creativity to add value, and that recognize innovation goes hand-in-hand with ideas, cha ( Full Answer )

What does perpetual succession mean?

this principle states that- *any change in membership of a company does not anyway affect the status of the company, *death,insolvency,insanity etc. of any member of a company does not affect the continuity of the company.thus the life of the company does not depend upon the life of its members. *it ( Full Answer )

What does a perpetual non-exclusive easement mean?

An "easement" is a legal right to use the property owned by another person (i.e. the person who granted the easement). An easement is usually created by a recorded document, whether a deed or an easement agreement. The purpose of the easement (for example, a driveway or a walking path) is whatever p ( Full Answer )

What does stereotyping mean?

an idea that many people have about a thing or a group and that may often be untrue or partly true

What is perpetuity?

Perpetuity refers to something being perpetual or never-ending. Anexample of something being in perpetuity would be an unendingsuccession of payments.

What is a stereotype?

The usual/typical/expected way a specific type of people act like (ex. Muslims, Blacks, Whites, Homeless People, Rich People, People Who Live Near The Jersey Shore, etc.). It is usually offensive or racial to call someone a stereo type, because they are thinking that's how everyone act like who i ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of perpetual-annuity?

a perpetual annuity is an annuity that continues forever- it has an infinite life.That is every year from its establishment this investment pays the same dollar amount.An example of a perpetuity is the dividend stream on preference shares.

What does perpetual license mean?

The continuing right to access digital information after the termination of a license agreement. Also, a license with no termination.

What does perpetuate mean?

To keep something going continuously or regularly. A perpetual event is something that happens regularly. The sun rising is a perpetual event. You can perpetuate a rumour, by keeping on spreading the rumour.

A sentence with perpetuate?

To perpetuate is to make something last. An example sentence wouldbe: They were trying to perpetuate their date as long as possible.

What is the meaning of Stereotyping?

Classifying people because of one unique characteristic. Stereotyping is a form of prejudice that can form damaging images of people because of a particular characteristic without having any knowledge of the person.

What does perpetually mean?

going on forever, everlasting. holding for forever or a lifetime. occuring continuously. blooming continously throughout a season. Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/perpetually

What does 'perpetuated' mean?

Perpetuate means to make something perpetual meaning it will go on forever.. The word is often used in a manner simply meaning to extend in time, not necessarily forever. For example, if someone was pulling a prank and you were in on the joke, so you confirmed the premise, someone might say that yo ( Full Answer )

How is female stereotype perpetuated in fairy tales?

I personally do not believe in "faries" but if you want to try, I suppose you could try this-. 1. Fill a paperplate entirely with glue.. 2. Place the plate somewhere in your garden.. 3. Hide the plate by SPRINKLING grass, your garden's dirt, leaves, and flowers-HAS TO BE FROM YOUR GARDEN. 4. If ( Full Answer )

What are some stereotypical notions of what feminism is and what being a feminist means?

Feminism, being an -ism: is a form of social profiling: it is designed as a sler; to any, or all, whom consider Women are entitled to equal opportunity Actually if looked at closely those whom use the phrase, are the insecure, who are afraid women will take their place in the workforce.. Not necess ( Full Answer )

What is a perpetual will?

Perpetual will is will that is indefinite and never ending. Will that does not end and therefore is perpetual. In a sentence: My will is perpetual, I will never stop trying and always believe in myself.

Why are there stereotypes?

Stereotypes are natural within our society. Instead of having to get to know each individual person for who they are and what is unique about them, we tend to lump them together into generalized groups that have a certain set of common characteristics. This makes things easier, but it has many downs ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of being stereotype?

Being stereotype is like being labeled or being categorized by somebody. For example, look at this statement: Who do you think robbed the gas station near Walmart? "Ah,those must the blacks.It is already the second time this week". Other good examples would be cheerleaders and football players are ( Full Answer )

What is a perpetual puppy?

A Perpetual Puppy is a puppy bought online which is replaced by a new puppy every six months - so the owner always owns a puppy, and never an adult dog (unless choosing to keep the puppy beyond the first six months).

What does oyster perpetual mean?

In the 1920s the founder of Rolex watches was having troubleopening an oyster shell. He had the idea to create the firstairtight and watertight watch similar to an oyster shell. The watchwas also the first self winding watch or "perpetual". . Wrong Jane. "perpetual" is the smooth never-ending movem ( Full Answer )

How does stereotyping perpetuate in society?

Stereotypes are a popular belief or opinion about a group of people. Sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists have all studied how stereotypes have come about. Some believe they are an efficient way to process information about a large group of people. Others may be offended by a stereotype o ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the word perpetuous?

According to word sense perpetuous is an adjective that means rare. However this word is not found in other dictionaries such as dictionary.com and Webster

What is perpetual snow?

Perpetual means - everlasting. Perpetual snow is located in northern, southern (southern hemisphere) areas, also in the mountains. Due to the low temperatures and/or high altitude, this snow does not melt

What does mean the stereotype of the stereotypes?

Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people whereby we attribute a defined set of characteristics to this group. These classifications can be positive or negative, such as when various nationalities are stereotyped as friendly or unfriendly.Stereotypes are generalizations, or assumptions ( Full Answer )

Why do we stereotype?

We stereotype because people tend to judge others by their looks. If you've ever heard the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover" then that's stereotyping in a nutshell. For instance, in high school, a person like a wannabe will look over at a girl who's joining the popular girl clique and thi ( Full Answer )

What does 'stereotype' mean?

Stereotyping is a way of placing general characteristics on a certain group of people. Assumptions are made about how a group is supposed to look and behave. Stereotyping is often unhealthy because it keeps us from getting to know individual people, if we make assumptions about the group they belong ( Full Answer )

How is stereotyping perpetuated in society?

an example. . if a girl has to walk through a park late at night and encounter three young guys wearing junky clothes, she would definitely not feel safe even though they did not threaten her. However, if the same girl encounters three senior citizens wearing coats and walking with canes, she woul ( Full Answer )

What does perpetuating mean?

Perpetuate means something keeps going, reforming, or occuring. Example: "The Math test we had last Friday seemed so perpetuate because it took me four hours to complete it!" Perpetuating means the same thing, just in present tense.

How does stereotyping perpetuate in school?

(I'm assuming that you mean in the middle-high school area) It's partly due to everybody wanting to be special. They come up with reasons why they're better than somebody else. This sometimes separates people into groups with similar (often untrue) stereotypical characteristics. This is where the 'g ( Full Answer )

What does the literary term stereotype mean?

Stereotype is a process, now often replaced by more advancedmethods, for making metal printing plates by taking a mold ofcomposed type or the like in paper mache or other material and thentaking from this mold a cast in type metal. 2.a plate made by thisprocess. 3.a set form; convention. 4. Sociolog ( Full Answer )

What does a perpetual non exclusive easement mean?

Perpetual means a long long time, non-exclusive means that it is a common easement, usually other owners or tenants will also use and share the road or lane for vehicles or pipes or cables. In other words it will be hard to get a restraining order against someone with a perpetual non-exclusive easem ( Full Answer )

What does stereotype mean in drama in yr 7?

It means to present a version of a character that is what ever one thinks they are like. A stero typical version, for example a blonde being dumb, chewing gum and wearing pink. Hope I helped.

What does there are stereotypes of masculine and feminine behavior mean?

Well, stereotypes are somewhat like prejudices. It's what initially pops into our head about a certain type of person. Such as on television, many American Dads/Husbands are ignorant couch-potatoes, while Mothers/Wives are domineering and moody. So, when someone says, "There are stereotypes of mascu ( Full Answer )

What does breaking gender stereotyping mean?

Answer 1 : "Gender" refers to whether a person is male or female. Examples: "Female" is Jane's gender; "male" is Jim's gender. "Stereotyping" means to presume that something is true about person because he or she is part of a larger group about which certain things are believed or assumed. Whil ( Full Answer )

What is meaning of stereotype?

a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of aparticular type of person or thing.

What is perpetuate?

Perpetuate means to keep something going or conserving. We canuse this in a sentence: We should always perpetuate the lessonsfrom our elders.

What does the word stereotype actually mean?

The word "stereotype" actually means to catagorise a group of people based on something like their appearance, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, or culture.

What does stereotypical attitude mean?

Stereotypical means 'a blanket norm'. A stereotypical attitude isone that would be expected from that individual based on specifictraits. Here are a few examples of this: 1. A person working in the field of education will have a certainview on salaries paid to teachers. A certain view that is withi ( Full Answer )

What is stereotyping-?

Stereotyping is the action of placing people into certain groupsbased on one's own assumptions. An example of stereotyping could be'women should not work, stay at home and look after the children'or 'boys who wear hoodies are thugs'.

What is the meaning of gender roles stereotype?

Gender roles stereotypes are socially and culturally defined beliefs about the behavior of men and women. For example, the belief that women should be secretaries or teachers and men should be businessmen or construction workers.