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What is physical region?

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Physical regions are areas not determined by borders but often by physical obstacles or features like rivers or mountains. The Pampas of Argentina is considered a physical region due to different vegetation, land forms, humidity, rainfall, and climate in general compared to surrounding areas of Argentina.

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What Is The Definition For Physical Region?

The definition for physical region is: Physical Region: A physical region is defined by features such as landforms, climates,soils or vegetaion.

Is an economic region a physical region?

Well, an economic region would be a region that has produced goods and services. A physical region is is a region that includes landforms such as mountain and etc. So, an economic region is not a physical region.

What is the definition of physical regions?

a physical region is a region that is defined by its physical charateristics

What kind of region is a demographic region?

physical region

A demographic region is a what region?


What is Newfoundland and labrador's physical region?

newfoundland and labrador's physical region is mrs.poo

What is Yukon's physical region?

The answer is the physical region of Yukon is Tundra "Tundra" is a physical part of Canada but not an official national physical region. Parts of the Yukon are in Cordillera and some are in Arctic Lowlands.

What type of region is Spain?

It is A physical region, and humaan region

Is a demographic region a physical or human region?

Human region.

What physical region is Rhode Island in?

the schwanne region

What physical regions are in Norway?

the physical region isNOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a major physical region that starts with g?

Germany is a major physical region. It begins with the letter g.

What physical region is New York in?

The physical region that New York is in is called the Adirondack Region. The region also has signs of a past volcanic and tectonic plate collision in is past.

Can a region be both a physical and a human region?

yes, yes it can :)

What physical region furthest east in Canada?

The Appalachian Region.

Which physical region is the city of cuzco?

It is the politicle region of Puru

What is the difference between physical region and nonphysical region?


Is A demographic region is physical or human region?

A demographic region is a human region because demographics is about humans.

Definition of physical region?

The definition of a physical region is an area of land divided by natural borders. An example of a physical region is the interior plains of the U.S. with the borders of the Appalachians on the east, the Rocky Mountains in the west.

Is Ontario's greenbelt plan region is a human or physical region?

Ontario's Greenbelt Plan Region is a human region.

What physical region is Prince Edward Island located in?

The Appalachian region

What are the physical features of Alberta Canada?

What are the physical region of Alberta,Canada

What physical region is in New York?

The physical region that New York is in is the Mid Atlantic. It is located in the northeastern part of the United States.

What are the physical region types?

Physical Region types are, Desert Regions, Geological and Landform Regions, Climate Vegetation and Soil Regions.

What physical region of Canada is Prince Edward Island located in?

Its the Appalachian region

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