What is pixmap?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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A pixel map.

It is an array where each location holds (usually) 3 values, one each for Red, Green & Blue intensities.

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Q: What is pixmap?
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What is the difference between bit-map and pixmap?

The term "pixmap" is short for "pixel map. A pixmap stores and displays a graphical image as a rectangular array of pixel color values.A pixmap that uses only a single bit to denote the color of each pixel is often referred to as a bitmap. Bitmap is also sometimes used to refer to any pixmap.

What is pgm image?

The Netpbm format commonly refers to any or all of the members of a set of closely related graphics formats. The portable pixmap format (PPM), the portable graymap format (PGM) and the portable bitmap format (PBM) are image file formats originally designed to be easily exchanged between platforms. They are also sometimes referred to collectively as the portable anymap format (PNM). They are text formats used to represent images in a similar way to bitmaps.Each format differs in what colors it is designed to represent:PBM is for bitmaps (black and white, no grays)PGM is for grayscalePPM is for "pixmaps" which represent full RGB color.

Full form of ppm?

It means Parts Per Million. It is generally used to measure and denote the concentration of chemical in very low quantity. e.g we say the sea water contains 0.5 ppm of pure gold. Or human blood contains 20 ppm of iron oxide.This unit is used when other units like % and fractions are too big to denote the quantity.Percent is one part in hundred. So you can now understand what is a part per million.Answerppm in this context probably means parts per million. This is the concentration of a chemical or element in something like food or drink.for example 8 milligrams of mercury in 100 grams of fish would result in a mercury concentration of 0.8 ppm (parts per million)Parts per millionppmparts per millionAnswerPortable Pixmap. This is a common image format used in Unix systems due to the simplicity of the format. The format is as follows:P6 Where width, height, and maxval are in ASCII decimal for the width, height, and maximum sample value of the image, respectively. The header portion can also include human-readable comments by using the # character followed by a comment. The image data is just a bunch of uncompressed bytes containing the red, green, and blue sample values of each pixel. There are similar formats called Portable Greymap (PGM) and Portable Bitmap (PBM), and they are defined and treated similarly.There are many tools for transforming and converting files of these types to other formats. Search for Netpbm for more information.ANSWERProject Portfolio Management

What does ppm stand for in inorganic Chemistry?

Parts per million (ppm) is a measure of concentration that is used where low levels of concentration are significant. The ppm value is equivalent to the absolute fractional amount multiplied by one million (106). It is a term with several variants in meaning, so the meaning should be made clear if this term is used.Parts per million is related to percent (parts per hundred) as follows:1% = 10,000 ppm or 1/100 = 10,000/1,000,000.