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Q: What is polar flattening and why is the polar flattening of Saturn unique?
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Which planet has the greatest polar flattening?

Saturn-with a polar flattening of 10.4%

Why does saturn bulge out at the equator and flatten at the poles?

Saturn's day is about 10 and one half hours. This rapid rotation makes the largest polar flattening among the planets.

Did all planet have spherical shape?

Nearly spherical, with some polar flattening for the large gas giants which spin quickly.

What is unique about Saturn?

the ring around it

What planet Saturn make unique?

Saturns rings make it unique

Is there a unique thing about Saturn?

it has beautiful rings

What are some of Saturn's unique characteristics?

Saturn creates some of its own heat sometimes.

What is the accurate size of mars?

The equatorial radius is 3,396.2 km The polar radius is 3,376.2 km Flattening is 0.00589 and Surface area of 144,798,500 km2

How Big is The sun width and height?

1.392 X 106 Km is the equatorial diameter. There is a slight 'flattening' of the polar diameter dues to the suns rotation.

Do polar bears have a unique defense?


What are the two behaviors unique to the polar bear?

all polar bears are left handed

Does Saturn have any unique characteristics?

The Rings of Saturn is a unique characteristic. While three other planets in the solar system have rings, they are not nearly as visible as Saturn's. Saturn is also the least dense planet in the solar system, with an average density less than that of water.