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Police presence is simply an aura of the consistent presence of police in a particular area. It can also be the effect of increased police patrols in an area. Someone might write: "The increased presence of police in the neighborhood resulted in a dramatic drop in crime."

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A police officer or officers on duty in a particular location.

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Q: What is police presence?
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What would happen if there was no police?

There would be chaos. It isn't really the police keeping the law and order, but their presence.

Are there any police on fair isle Scotland?

Since there is an airstrip on fair ilse - there will be a police presence to protect the border.

Can the school be punished for using police statement forms without police presence?

No. It is probably just the most convenient form.

What do the police do in the Royal Air Force?

The RAF Police act as Police do in any community. They are also often the Gate guard if there is no RAF Regiment presence on a base.

Can police question a minor?

Not without consent or the presence of a legal guardian in the US.

What is police intervention?

Whenever the police enter ANY situation they have 'intervened.' Whatever is going on has changed and been altered from the way it may have turned out, simply because of the police presence.

What is the Royal Military Police responsible for?

The Royal Military Police is a corp of the British Army. The Royal Military Police is responsible for policing service personnel and providing police presence at home and abroad during deployment operations.

How would recessive be usd in a sentence?

The mob proved to be recessive when the government instituted the presence of police.

How would the police tell you has shot a gun?

They can test your skin and clothes for the presence of gunpowder residue.

Why is there a demand for police?

Simple, the more police in a certain area, the safer that area becomes. People like to feel safe where they live, so if they are in a bad area that has little police enforcement, they will naturally want to have more police presence in their area.

What are the strobe lights on police cars for?

To warn drivers of their presence and to pull people over with.... Do you seriously have to ask?

What should you do if your wife change the lock on the door?

If the house is in your name or it is joined then you will have to report to the police, and make her open the lock in their presence.

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