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Politics is all about deciding who gets what, when, and how.

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2011-11-01 18:51:08
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Q: What is politics all about?
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What was Georgia's politics?

The politics were everyone didn't have a say... They all got raped

Which Nation has no Student Politics?

All nations students have some form of politics.

Was King Henry VIII interested in politics?

All rulers need to be interested in politics. Henry VIII was no exception

What are the relationship between government and politics?

the government just funds the politics there all about it president politician governor politician seee its obvious politics are a sub category to government

What is the role of politics in government?

Politics describes everything that goes on in government, all the "inner workings" if you will. It takes politics to get into government, and it takes political influence to get legislation passed.

According to Zengotita politics is all about?

getting attention

Politics is more than what politicians do?

Yes,I do agree on the statement because politics is all about the way of developing the country which the politicians do not do.

Is this correct from a grammar standpoint - all politics is local?

No. For one thing, "all" should have been capitalized, but I think you meant the verb; it should be "All politics are local," though that's untrue.

Is politics an inevitable feature of all societies?

Politics of some form is indeed inevitable in all societies, because if you have no organizing principle, then you have no society, just a bunch of individuals.

Is there a book which can help learn politics or handle politics in the workplace?

Government in America. This book is great for helping people understand the politics of America. I do not agree with all of it's views, but it does tell you how to get informed.

How does politics affect the society as a whole?

who needs politics in society why do we get so many politicians - do we need them all? after all they steel the money form the w/c. policitcs controls the masses

What type of politics in olmec culture?

there politics is poop and caca then i dont know what it is but all i know is that im a twilight freak and im obsessed with it.

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