What is pollution caused by?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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It varies on what causes pollution. There are factories, power plants, even humans breathing, cars, plastic bags, town/city dumps, animals droppings, and many more so there isn't really an exact cause but it's just how much damage did it make.

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Q: What is pollution caused by?
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What s pollution caused by?

Pollution is caused by carbon dioxide.

What are the pollution's caused by festivals like Diwali and Holi?

Air and noise pollution is caused on Diwali. Water pollution is caused on Holi.

What is most pollution caused by?

most pollution is caused by fuels,chemicals and etc.

Health effects caused by noise pollution?

Noise pollution can caused a person "deaf".

What is caused y pollution?

pollution is caused by littering and by leaving rotton things around.

Is melanosis disease caused by fluride pollution or arsenic pollution or cadmium pollution?

arsenic pollution

How much oil pollution is caused by humans?

43% of the oil pollution taht happens is caused by humans.

What are the main diseases caused by pollution in towns?

the main diseases caused by pollution are such as lung and skin cancers

What type of pollution is caused by burning coal?

Air pollution

What are the pollution caused by smokers?

Because the smoke causes pollution

Is pollution caused because of us?

Pollution is the artificial contamination of the environment by human activity. Therefore, by the nature of the definition of the word "pollution," yes, it is caused by us.

What is waste and recycling pollution?

Waste and recycling pollution means pollution caused by waste and recycling