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Ponyboy sees Johnny as a sensitive and kind-hearted friend who is loyal and protective. He admires Johnny for his bravery and compassion, viewing him as a hero despite his tough circumstances.

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Q: What is ponyboys point of view of johnny?
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Why does johnny cut ponyboys hair?

Johnny wants them to look disguised if somebody catches them, and blames them for murder

Johnny and ponyboys hideout was were?

In an old abandoned church on Jay Mountain.

What is the Significance or Gone With the Wind in The Outsiders?

it brought johnny's and ponyboys friendship closer.

Who were other members of Ponys gang?

if your talking about Outsiders Ponyboys other gang members are Johnny, Dallas, and Soda

Who said no johnny not your hair in The Outsiders?

When Ponyboy and Johnny ran away to the church. They had to cut their hair and bleach it to disguise them selves. And after Johnny cut Ponyboys, he was bout to cut his own hair , and he said no Johnny , don't cut your hair , but he did anyway

Why did johnny purchase peroxide?

To dye Johnnys hair so the police wouldn't find them.

How is dally a hero in the outsides?

He saved kids from a burning church Help Ponyboy and Johnny run away when they were on the run (killed a person because the socials were drowing ponyboy) Stopped fire from spreading on ponyboys arm

What are ponyboys character traits?

i think ponyboys character traits are responsibility, kindness, respect

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