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What is pregnancy?

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The state of being pregnant, or carrying a developing fetus inside the body.

Pregnancy is the time you are pregnant

2017-06-24 04:16:11
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It is the product of the union between a man and woman

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What is a gemellar pregnancy?

A gemellar pregnancy is a twin pregnancy.

Can pregnancy symptoms vary from pregnancy to pregnancy?

Yes, they can as every pregnancy is different.

Will a home pregnancy test show an ectopic pregnancy?

no, only that there is a pregnancy.

Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom after conception?

Heartburn is not called as a symptom of pregnancy. You do simple pregnancy test to diagnose the pregnancy.

What are the laws on pregnancy in Georgia?

There are no 'laws' regarding pregnancy. There are laws regarding how one is allowed to end a pregnancy, but none on pregnancy.

What is the branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy?

what is the branch of pregnancy concerned with pregnancy and childbirth

What is an advanced pregnancy?

The last trimester of pregnancy is sometimes referred to as advanced pregnancy.

What does thrush have to do with pregnancy?

It has nothing to do with Pregnancy.

How do you spell pregnancy?

Pregnancy is correct.

What is a topical pregnancy?

topical pregnancy

What do you call the pregnancy of the animals?


Is bacterial vaginosis a sign of pregnancy?

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

Is cramping on the IUD a sign of pregnancy?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is a sign of pregnancy on the IUD

What is a phantom pregnancy in dogs?

Phantom pregnancy, also called a pseudo-pregnancy or a false pregnancy, is where a dog appears to be pregnant but is not actually pregnant.

Can you get a negative pregnancy test your entire pregnancy?

No. A pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG in your blood/urine. hCG is the hormone which sustains your pregnancy.

What are causes of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the result of sex.

What are the best symptoms of pregnancy?

a pregnancy test.

What is historical pregnancy?

Whats a historical pregnancy

What do they call pregnancy in England?


What does pre pregnancy mean?

Before pregnancy

What is in other words of preexisting pregnancy?


How can you check pregnancy at home?

Do a pregnancy test.

Did Beyonce fake her pregnancy?

No, she did not fake her pregnancy.

How can pregnancy be removed when pregnancy occurs?