What is premier?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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It depends upon the context.

The Premier of a state is the government leader of that state.

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Q: What is premier?
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How do you use the word premier in a sentence?

Are you ready for the premier? Is the premier ready? The premier was interesting I hated the premier. The word premier is usu. mentioned for a short clip of a movie that acts as a commercial (but we don't call it a commercial, we call it a premier).

What is the English word for premier?

premier = first

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The premier of SA is Mike Rann.

How can you use the word premier in a sentence?

This is our premier product.

Who is the Premier for Bermuda?

Craig Cannonier is the Premier for Bermuda.

What does the premier of Queensland do?

The premier of Queensland runs the state.

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Paul Henderson is NT premier

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