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Q: What is preschool like in South Korea?
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Is South Korea a developed country?

No. South Korea is More like developed country.

Why did North Korea and South Korea separate?

Like in Vietnam, North and South had different opinion about government. North Korea is currently a communist country and South Korea is currently a democracy.

What did the us do when north Korea invaded south Korea?

Americans Like South Koreans.So we will simply get involved.we already have American Troops in South Koreatrying to prevent North Korea from Attacking south Korea.Im guessing if N Korea tries attacking South Korea.. Then America and south Korea Will fight the North Koreans.North Korea Mainly Hates South Koreans.Meaning South Korea can be attacked at any moment.

What is the size of North Korea and South Korea?

South Korea is half of earth big and north Korea is like my toilet size.

What is proper business dress in south Korea?

they dress like people in south korea

Is ESL important in South Korea?

I was born in Korea, and there weren't anythin like ESL in my school at Korea.

Is there a North and South China like Korea?


What is the best country to live in Korea or Canada and why?

It depends if you are talking about North Korea of South Korea. South Korea is fine but North Korea is communist. Canada is a good country to live in if you like cold weather

How is north Korea's government different from south Korea's government?

South Korean system is similar to that of the US. North Korean system is similar to that of Hussein's Iraq.

When south Korea and north Korea will become one country like Germany?

noin our lifetime

What is South Korea's elevation?

What is the elevation of South Korea and North Korea>

In East Asia what two independent countries are located on a peninsula?

the Korean peninsula: includes both south and north Korea