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A processor family is a group of processors that share similar features and construction. Which processors belong to a family is determined by the CPU manufacturer.

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Q: What is processor family?
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What is the most recent processor for the desktop offered by Intel?

Intel Core Processor family

What Intel processor family performs better the Pentium family or the Core family?

The Core Family

What is the word size of the Pentium family of processor?

The word size for the Pentium family is 32-bit

What is an alchemy processor?

The Alchemy microprocessor is a low power processor family that uses MIPS architecture developed by Alchemy Semiconductor which was acquired by AMD in 2002.

Most high-performance PCs use some type of processor in the Intel family?


What processor is the latest in desktop processor?

Intel has come out with a new line of Core Family Processors which include the i3, i5 and the i7. Each one model has a different use.

How do you find the type of Intel processor based on cpuid or current speed?

The CPUID instruction returns values that indicate the vendor ID, family, extended family, model, stepping, type, extended family, and extended model. As long as you know what the values correspond to, you know can tell what the processor is. For instance:Vendor ID = GenuineIntel Family = 15 Extended Family = 0Model = 6 Stepping = 2

Is an Intel core prossessor better than a quad core prossessor?

The question you're asking, unfortunately, is not worded correctly. An Intel processor is a family of processor, where a quad-core processor is a type of processor. The Intel family includes many types of quad-core processors. However, to try and disambiguate what you're asking, an Intel core processor will be good, no matter what type it is. An Intel quad-core processor - for example, the Intel i7 - will perform fantastically well. The other main type of processor manufacturer - AMD - also have quad-core processors. However, a lot of it is down to opinion and machine build as to whether Intel is better than AMD, but personally, I believe Intel will out-perform and out-last an AMD processor.

What is the difference between Microsoft Word and Linux?

Microsoft Word is a word processor. Linux is a family of operating systems.

Is an 11 cup processor large enough for a family of five?

I would normally think so. Anything that won't go in 11-cup processor in one piece can be cut down small enough to fit. Likewise, if more than 11 cups of product are required, empty the processor into a large bowl and fire up the processor again with more food.

What kind of computers such as PCs and MACs is the celeron family CPUs compatible with?

The Celeron is a budget version of a Pentium II or higher processor. As such, they are compatible with any computer that can run a Pentium family processor. Macs were never shipped with a Pentium processor - Intel Macs started with with the Core Duo. However, one could theoretically replace the Core Duo with an older Celeron with the same socket type.

What is Intel vpro technology?

PCs powered by the all new Intel Core vPro processor family deliver all new remote manageability and security features that are built into the processor, chipset, and network adapter.

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