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Heat, and smoke, generally.

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Q: What is produced when you heat fossil fuels?
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Is heat non-renewable?

That is dependent on how it is produced. Heat produced by burning fossil fuels in not renewable, but heat from concentrated solar is renewable.

Which of the following is not a renewable energy source solar energy wind energy geothermal energy fossil fuels?

Fossil Fuels. The sun, wind and heat from the earth core is continuously being produced. Fossil Fuels were created over a long period of time and required a lot of heat and pressure to be created which is why they are not considered to be renewable.

Do fossil fuels provide heat when they are burned?

Yes, that is the primary reason to use fossil fuels.

Is heat nuclear energy?

Heat can be produced through release of nuclear energy, but there are many other ways of producing heat as well, burning fossil fuels for example.

How is electricity produced in the Caribbean?

it is produced bt the burning of fossil fuels

What percent of electricity produced in the UK comes from burning fossil fuels?

what percentage of electricity produced in the UK comes from burning fossil fuels ?

Forty percent of all the commercial energy produced in the world is produced from?

35% of the world's commercial energy is produced from coal

When fossil fuels burn what types of energy do they produce?

When any fuel combusts it produces heat, light and a little sound. The majority of the energy produced will be heat.

How is most energy in the US produced?

fossil fuels

What waste products are produced when fossil fuels are burnt?

carbondioxide is the gas produced

Carbon dioxide is produced by A Respiration B Volcanic Eruptions C Burning Fossil Fuels D All of the Above?

Carbon Dioxide is produced by burning fossil fuels.

What energy is released by fossil fuels?

Fossil fuel are burnt to release HEAT