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Provisional license insurance is insurance for people who have a provisional drivers license. A provisional license is for drivers under the age of 16 who are driving with a learners permit or a person who has previously had a license revoked or suspended and who has recently obtained a new license.

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Q: What is provisional licence insurance?
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What do you do if you lose your provisional?

what do you do if you lose your provisional licence

In the UK do you need insurance if you are driving with L plates and a provisional licence?

To drive a car on a provisional licence in the UK, you must have:insuranceL platesMOTTaxSupervision from a person who is over 21, has held their driving licence for three or more years and is sober and awake

Can you drive without insurance with a provisional license?

No. Your having a provisional licence doesn't change your state's insurance requirements.Added: The status of your license or permit has nothing to do with whether the vehicle itself is insured or not.

What age can you take theory test?

You have to have a valid provisional licence and your provisional licence only becomes valid on your 17th birthday.

What are the age requirement to get your learner's permit and your driver's license in England?

At 16 and 9 months you can apply for your provisional licence, the provisional licence becomes valid on the day of your 17th birthday.Once you are 17 and have your provisional licence, you can book and take your theory test.Once you have passed your theory test, you can book and take your practical test.Once you have passed your practical test, you can exchange your provisional licence for a full licence.

Can you travel to Scotland on a provisional licence?

You aren't allowed to drive on the motorways with a provisional license.

Do I need to have a car licensse before taking motorcyle license?

Not in the UK. The provisional driving licence covers several groups of vehicle. However if you have a driving full licence for a car that will cover you as a provisional licence for a motorcycle. If there are additional groups required then you must apply for those groups to be added to the provisional licence.

Can you drive on a provisional licence in an automatic on your own?

Not in the UK.

How do you change the address on a provisional drivers licience on line?

how to change the address on a provisional drivers licence

Can you travel to France with a provisional driving license?

A British provisional licence is for a learner driver in Britain and cannot be used anywhere else.You can drive in France with a full licence only. Provisional licences and Learner's permits are forbidden.

Can you get car insurance with no drivers license?

Yes you can get car insurance as a provisional driver with a provisional licence. This is so you can learn in a private vehicle. It has to be under a 1.2 litre i believe. The provisional driver has to be accompanied at all times by some one who has been driving for 3 years or more and is over the age of 21 years. in Maryland you have to have insurance before you can get a license but in north caroilna you have to have license to get insurance so really it depends on what state you live in!

How do you get a driving licence?

In the UK... Apply for a provisional licence from the DVLA. Take a recognised driving course. Pass the theory test. Pass the practical test. Send your pass certificate and provisional to the DVLA. They will issue your full licence.

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