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What is puberty and what does it do?

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Puberty is when a girl turns into a woman, or a boy turns into a man.

Puberty is very variable. Boys can start it at different ages (the normal range for it to start is considered to be from 9 years of age until the late teens). The average age is generally 12 to 13. Boys don't all go through the various stages in the same order. Here at the visible signs of puberty, which might happen in any order... growth of hair on your scrotum and in the region of your penis (also around your anus), growth of hair on your ankles and in your armpits. Growth of facial hair. Your penis will get longer and thicker, your scrotum will get darker in colour and hang lower to accomodate the increasing size of your testes. You will sweat more and your sweat will begin to smell. You may get spots and blackheads. You will grow taller and your muscles will develop. You will find yourself think about sex a lot and you will get erections. You may find yourself mentally comparing the size of your own penis with the penises of other boys in the showers at school, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are gay, just that you are curious which is perfectly normal. You may also feel the urge to masturbate and when you do at some point you will eventually produce sperm. Oh and your voice will "break" and lower in pitch as your larynx (voice box or Adam's apple) enlarges and you'll also suffer from abrupt mood swings (your family will suffer because of them too). There is no definitive end point to puberty. By 21 or so years of age (if not sooner) you probably have reached your maximum height and your penis will probably have reached its maximum length but muscle mass and body hair may continue to extend after this age and may continue into the mid thirties or perhaps even later. The mind of a boy will also change and he will develop adult attitutes and ways of thinking. As part of this process teenagers often become rebellious. Initially rebellion may be limited to disagreements with their own parents but soon they begin to question other parts of society, religon, laws and virtually everything else. This is good, it is the way things are meant to be. As a young child you accept unquestioningly the decisions of your parents. As you reach puberty you begin to question everything, it is part of the process of growing independent, of become an adult yourself who is capable of making his own decisions. Moods are greatly influenced by hormone levels and at puberty the body is awash with hormones, which can lead to very intense feelings and hugely variable mood swings. One moment you're on top of the world and the next minute you hate yourself and want to die. These feelings are typical and eventually, as the process of puberty tails off, the mood swings will lessen. You'll develop your own personality and ideas, which will be different from those of your parents but not necessarily bought lock stock and barrel from your favourite band or movie. The girls grow hair on their vagina and underarms and then she grows boobs. Then she starts to have a white liquid come out from her vagina. this is a sign of getting t=her periods.

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What is puberty and why puberty occurs?

Puberty is the process in which our body grows overall. Puberty mainly occurs to make you capable of reproduction for the survival of the species.

When do rats have puberty?

they get puberty at 5 weeks.

What is early puberty called?

precocious puberty

What part of speech is puberty?

Puberty is a noun.

How do you know if you are in puberty?

you should know

What is the meaning of the acronym of puberty?

what is the acronym of puberty

What happens if you don't get puberty?

Everyone gets puberty by 15. It wont happen that you didnt get puberty.

What is adolescsence or puberty?

Puberty is the process of overall body development. Adolescence is the age when puberty occurs.

What if you stop growing before puberty?

If you stop growing before puberty, you will remain at that height after puberty.

Can you get preganant before puberty?

No, puberty is the body preparing the reproductive parts of the body for reproduction no puberty no pregnancy.

What hormones control puberty?

In males, the testosterone hormone controls puberty. In girls, the estrogen controls puberty.

Can puberty stunt growth?

No, puberty is involved with growth.

Do you get taller when you hit puberty?

Yes this is a sign of puberty.

How do you get rid of puberty on your forehead?

Puberty? Do you mean acne?

Is it possible to skip puberty?

No, you ave to be through Puberty.

How does the endocrine system affect puberty?

no but it is part of puberty

What are puberty rights?

There are no puberty "rights". Everyone goes through puberty and it is a natural part of life and growing up.

If you shave your upper lip is it puberty?

Puberty is what brings on facial hair so if you need to shave you are def in puberty.

What is the puberty video about?

The puberty video is a puberty education movie. It tells and answers most of the videos what a teenager may have.

Are there tricks to hitting puberty?

There are no tricks of gritting puberty. Puberty is something everyone goes through in their own time.

Why is puberty called puberty?

because of the pubis, the bone above your penis where hair first grows when you start puberty.

Do some boys not go through puberty?

Everyone goes through puberty. Sometimes, puberty hits the ages of 15. But it doesnt happen that puberty doesnt hit.

What diseases can cause early puberty?

there is no known disease that can cause early puberty, if puberty comes early it is probably natural. sometimes guys get puberty at the age of 8 or 9.

How long till pre-puberty?

Puberty starts at about 10-11 yaers old in europe & North america, any thing before that would be PRE Puberty

What are some books on puberty for girls?

a very good book on puberty and getting you ready for puberty is American Girls The Body Book. I have this book and it really helps you get ready for puberty or helping you through puberty.This is a good book to:Are You There God, Its Me Margret