What is punctuated equilimbrium?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is punctuated equilimbrium?
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What is a model of evolution in which short periods of drastic changes in species are separated by long periods of little or no change?

Punctuated Equilibrium, I believe is the answer.

When was Punctuated Equilibrium - album - created?

Punctuated Equilibrium - album - was created on 2009-01-26.

Is this punctuated right What a day I have had.?

Yes, the sentence "What a day I have had" is punctuated correctly. It begins with a capital letter, ends with a period, and the words are correctly separated by a space.

Species rapidly evolving due to changes in a few genes punctuated?

punctuated equilibrium

Pattern of evolution where a species is stable for a long time then rapidly changes?

punctuated equilibrium

What causes punctuated equilibrium?

zeological instrument of panther of indigeneous snake can do anything cause the punctuated equilibrium.

What is the name of the theory that states species evolve during short periods of rapid change?

It is called Punctuated Equilibrium. Some Evolutionary apologists, notably Richard Dawkins, have down played this aspect of Neo-Darwinistic theory.

What does the term punctuated equilibria describe?

Punctuated Equilibria- the theory that species evolve during short periods of rapid change.

Which of the following sentences is not punctuated correctly you wonder why she says that?

wwhich of the following senteces in not punctuated correctly?

Which answer is correctly punctuated?

3 gal.

A pattern of rapid evolutionary changes followed by long periods of no change is described as?

Punctuated Evolution or equilibrium

Is (how are you) a fragment?

It is a fragment that shouldn't be capitalized or punctuated.