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What is pure chemistry?

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2014-09-10 18:37:02

Pure chemistry is a way to express that a certain process or

result was not achieved by any other means. For example distilling

is physical process. "Refining" could be a process chemical,

physical or both. Sometimes is the term "pure chemistry" used for

materials synthetically produced or engineered.

Ethylvaniline is produced only synthetically from lignine (from

wood) and the resulting flavour of pure ethylvaniline is to some

people irritating, because it lacks the various by-products and

impurities that the natural vanilla flavor contains. Such a person

could say about the ethylvaniline flavoring that it is "pure

chemistry", lacking the natural substance.

Some cheap carbonated bottled waters are best described with

this term because they only contain water, carbon dioxide,

aspartame, citric acid, coloring. Naturally occurring substances

never come in their pure form, but as a wide spectrum of chemical

compounds of various concentrations.

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