What is pure chemistry?

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Pure chemistry is a way to express that a certain process or result was not achieved by any other means. For example distilling is physical process. "Refining" could be a process chemical, physical or both. Sometimes is the term "pure chemistry" used for materials synthetically produced or engineered.

Ethylvaniline is produced only synthetically from lignine (from wood) and the resulting flavour of pure ethylvaniline is to some people irritating, because it lacks the various by-products and impurities that the natural vanilla flavor contains. Such a person could say about the ethylvaniline flavoring that it is "pure chemistry", lacking the natural substance.

Some cheap carbonated bottled waters are best described with this term because they only contain water, carbon dioxide, Aspartame, citric acid, coloring. Naturally occurring substances never come in their pure form, but as a wide spectrum of chemical compounds of various concentrations.

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Q: What is pure chemistry?
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Differentiate pure chemistry from applied chemistry?

Pure chemistry is the study of pure theory of chemistry such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. Applied chemistry is the study of basic chemistry principles and analytical instruments used in industrial work.

Is Chemistry a pure or applied science?

Chemistry is a pure science but also an applied science.

What does pure chemistry mean in a high school chemistry class?

Pure chemistry deals with basic concepts of chemistry as Atomic structure, chemical bonding and basic laws related to chemical changes, there are sub branches of chemistry (not pure chemistry) as Bio-chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer chemistry e.t.c

When was ACS Award in pure chemistry created?

ACS Award in pure chemistry was created in 1931.

Is pure water a solution in chemistry?

Water is pure, not a solution.

What is the difference between pure chemistry and applied chemistry?

Pure chemistry refers to pure research - just trying to figure out the properties of existing matter. Applied chemistry means you are using scientific knowledge of chemistry in order to solve a human problem. For example, chemical medicines are an example of applied chemistry.

Diffine the pure chemistry to applied chemistry?

Pure chemistry is just the "pure" study of chemistry. Like the 5 main branches (ex. organic, inorganic, analytical, bio, and physical chemistry). Applied Chemistry is the 5 main branches as well as analytical instruments and apparatus used in industrial works.

How are pure and applied chemistry related?

A fine line separates applied chemistry from pure chemistry. Pure chemistry asks questions about chemicals and gains information, while applied chemistry studies uses the information in junction with study of instruments used in industrial and agricultural work.

What is a good example of a pure chemistry?

For example quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, cheminformatics, etc.

List of pure substances in chemistry?

Any element on the periodic table is considered a pure substance in Chemistry. Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen are all pure substances for example.

Give an example of pure research?

is a chemistry

What is the relationship between pure chemistry and applied chemistry?

Pure chemistry involves research in pursuit of knowledge. Applied chemistry involves research directed toward a specific goal. Pure research can lead directly to an application; an application can exist before research is done to explain how it works.

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