What is pyscopath and sociopath?

The terms psychopath and sociopath are interchangeable, psychopath being somewhat obsolete. A sociopath is a person who has no discernible conscience, and the only remorse he feels for anyone is for himself when he gets caught. To a sociopath a victim is not seen so much as a person as an object upon which he can satifisfy his urges and desires, or otherwise take advantage of. A person who is sociopathic should be distinguished from a person who is psychotic. A sociopath is calculating and shrewd and manipulative. A person with pychosis is in a state of mental confusion and many times plagued by delusions and hallucinations. While a small percentage of psychotic individuals prove to be dangerous, it's most usually because they are deluded in some way that they are in danger. Not many sociopaths can be classified as psychotic. They are pretty much in a state of accute mental clarity and know what they want, except they are cold, calculating, and manipulative.